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Ask us about our environmentally-responsible sign products!

FASTSIGNS of Arlington, VA has been searching for alternatives to traditional signage materials and inks.  We are pleased to announce products that not only meet customer needs for vibrant and vivid color reproduction but also are responsible to the environment and can bio-degrade in a landfill or can be recycled.

Polyethylene Banners that can be made up to 5 feet by 10 feet in dimension.  Polyethylene is considered one of the cleanest polymers to produce.  It is found in milk jugs and IV bags.  It does not emit any VOC's into the atmosphere and is FDA approved for contact with food.  Polyethylene based film extruded in a low density co-polymer form.  This material is both recyclable and biodegradable and when exposed to landfill conditions media dissolves into humus.  Normal timeframe to degrade is about two years with a usable life span of about one year.  This product is printed with a biodegradable UV ink which does not emit any solvents in the landfill.

TRIPANEL Honeycomb Boards is a craft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells, similar in appearance to the cross section view of corrugated board.  It was developed as an economical replacement for various foam board products but unlike foam boards, TRIPANEL can be recycled. TRIPANEL's smooth surfaces are suitable for digital printing, painting, laminating, photo mounting and has proven its usefulness in trade show exhibits, point-of-purchase displays, store interiors, interior signs, photo mounting, and illustration board. We use UV curable inks to print directly on to the material.  This ink is biodegradable and does not release solvents into the landfill.

Biodegradeable Foam Board is a standard, paper-faced memory foamboard with BIODEGRADABLE rigid foam center and SFI certified paper liners. There is no trade-off between the positive environmental attributes of this material and its physical performance. With the exception of its biodegradable properties, this foam board performs the same as other foamboard. This material breaks down in landfills or composting environments in 1 to 5 years and is formulated with not less than 15% recycled content. The breakdown of the BIODEGRADABLE foamboard will not begin until the board is discarded. This produt is certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), the largest forestry products certification program in North America.  We print on this material using a UV-cured ink which is also biodegradeable and does not release any solvents.

Biodegradeable Medium Density Overlay (plywood) is an all wood rigid material that is printed with UV cured ink.  When disposing, have recycler or landfill pulverize the material, UV ink will not release any solvents into the landfill or compost.

Recyclable Aluminum Sheeting is available in 040, 063, and 080 gauge thickness and is an excellent product for making long term indoor and outdoor signage that is impervious to most elements.  Furthermore, this product can be recycled into other aluminum products.  UV curable ink is used to print directly on to this material and releases no solvents into the air.

FASTSIGNS of Arlington, VA will continue to search for other environmentally friendly and responsible products to minimize the impact on our environment.  We thank you for playing your part in requesting these solutions.