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Burger King Has It Their Way

The King has passed down his royal decree – Burger King shall revamp its menu and the news shall be heralded throughout the land. The King’s messengers shall travel by food truck, outfitted with the finest trappings available. But where to get such trimmings for these trucks?

Enter FASTSIGNS® of Culver City. The team wrapped Burger King’s 30 food trucks from bumper to tailpipe in preparation for a cross-country journey to promote the chain’s new menu. Each truck wrap features tantalizing, larger-than-life images of the new items. In each of the cities the trucks will be stopping in, the Burger King teams will hand out samples of the new noshes, modeling the wildly popular and now trendy food truck craze that has been taking hold in cities throughout the US . For those interested in learning more about the promotion or finding one of the King’s appetizingly accessorized automobiles, visit Burger King’s Food Truck Tour site .

“This was a really fun project to be a part of, even if it did make me and my team hungry,” said Clint Ehlers, owner of FASTSIGNS of Culver City . “Wrapping 30 of those food trucks took some time, but they all looked amazing when they were completed. Not only was Event Connections , the company that the trucks were rented from, happy, but Burger King was also very pleased with the work we did. We’re confident that the eye-catching graphics will help the trucks deliver their message, and their food, in each of the locations they visit.”

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