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Creative Ways to Use Window Decals for Your Business

Today’s vinyl window graphics can promote a brand, provide essential information, announce sales or just provide a sense of fun. Prior to the widespread use of vinyl, businesses had to hire a window painter to create seasonal images and messages. These one-time use graphics chipped easily and were very messy to take off. Modern vinyl decals are not only easy to apply and remove; they can also be used multiple times if properly cared for. Window graphics are ideal for retail stores, commercial businesses, hospitals, showrooms, restaurants and hotels.


Logos and Branding

Window decals are an easy way to increase brand recognition. When a business is located in a multi-tenant building it may not have the opportunity to use a typical large building sign. A logo and business name on the window can provide awareness and direction for customers and visitors. Another higher-budget option in this setting is glass etching.



Essential Business Information

A branded, custom decal is an attractive way to communicate the essential information customers need to know. Store hours, address, phone number and basic services can all be listed in a custom window decal that fits the look and feel of the rest of the business. For example, a car dealership may list that it provides financing and basic maintenance plans along with the hours of operation and website.



Sales and Promotions

Sales announcements have come a long way from fluorescent bubble lettering painted onto windows. Modern window decals are ideal for creating awareness of sales and promotions in a polished way. The easy application and removal of vinyl decals works very well with the timeliness of these sales tactics. Match the promotion to your brand exactly, or create contrast with the rest of the location to make the message pop.


Seasonal Decorations

And of course decals can be fun along with useful! Window graphics allow you to decorate a location without taking up valuable merchandize space. They are great for hospitals to add a sense of holiday spirit on interior windows without risking the spread of germs (like plush decorations might). Don’t limit your festive decals to the winter holidays. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July and the fall season are all good excuses to add some color and excitement to your location.



Have you seen any examples of creative window decals near you?

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