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Improve Your Office Day

Improve Your Office Day

You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why the signage for your business is such an important part of your overall communication strategy. Whether consciously or unconsciously, every person who walks through the front door forms an impression of your business based on what they see. Ensure that impression is positive with high-quality signage that is legible and attractive.

High-quality signage has a few key aspects: it should be concise, readable, visually appealing and creative. The top priority is communication. A sign that is beautiful but does not convey any helpful information is a waste of resources.

Standard office signage includes large outdoor building signs and interior lobby, directional and informational signs. A small office may only have the building and lobby sign, while a large office may have many directional and wayfinding signs in addition to the basics. Consider the efficiency of numbering systems and symbols in designing large-scale wayfinding signage systems. Another important aspect of any building communication plan is ensuring all signs required by law are present (such as those required by the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Beyond the standard signage, there are many customized and creative options to help make a great impression on anyone who steps into your space. First, walls aren’t the only place for signage. Vinyl decals on floors can provide excellent directions through a large complex and standard ceiling tiles can be customized with logos and branded graphics. Glass doors and walls can also be transformed with either etched or adhesive images. Instead of ordinary window blinds, consider visually interesting printed window shades that can feature your logo or other graphics. Finally, even the fluorescent lights in your office ceiling can be made into signs. Ceiling light covers can be made with almost any picture to personalize an office space or further a brand message.

There are endless possibilities to create a good first impression with legible and creative signage. Consider working with a visual communications company to get a professional and polished look for every piece of signage on your property.


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