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We are excited to announce the winners of our 2013 MetamorphoSIGN makeover contest!

There were 571 approved entries from across the U.S. and Canada. A very big thank you
to those who entered and to those who voted.

The winners are shown below along with their entry essay. We look forward
to sharing the end results with you once completed.

$10,000 Winner:
World of Music
located in Erie, Pennsylvania,
won the brick and mortar category.

“There’s a huge steel guitar sign hanging over 26th Street at the corner of our building. It’s become a true landmark since being discovered in a junkyard by our founder in the 1970’s. Ask anyone from Erie, and they can probably tell you where the giant guitar sign is.

Many out of town customers tell us that they just get on the road and “Look for The Guitar.” Alas, after many maintenance attempts throughout the last 40 years, it has fallen into disrepair. We have worked hard over the years to try and upgrade our building, but it always seems the sign misses out on the funds available.

What a beautiful day it would be to see it back to its original glory. World of Music is a musical instrument store located in Erie, PA.

We carry a huge variety of instruments, and have teaching studios that have taught and inspired thousands of students since 1954. We are still a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on our personalized service. In an age where it’s easy to buy almost anything online, we enjoy knowing many of our customers and students by name. We now help many third generation customers whose parents and even grandparents purchased their first instrument from us.

One of the best things about our business is that we have no “target demographic” – we work with everyone from every age and skill level. The common denominator is an interest and love of music.

Thanks for your vote!”


$5,000 Winner:
Blue Gypsy
in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,

won the vehicle-based category. 

“I bought this food truck on ebay to add to my income. I actually went to FASTSIGNS for pricing on a wrap. As you can see, it soooo needs one. Meanwhile, my other business, an Antiques/Country store burnt to the ground and all was lost.

More than ever, I need this truck to earn a living but no longer have the resources to make the outside special. The inside is nice, the food is great but the outside, with no message and soot from the fire clinging to it is just ugly.

I actually refrain from selling at many events because of the poor appearance of my truck. First impressions and visuals are everything! I want to feel proud of my business.

PLEASE vote for me!!!! Thanks so much…”




$5,000 Winner:
America's Keswick
located in Whiting, New Jersey,

won the nonprofit category.

“America’s Keswick is a multi-faceted, multi-generational, cross-cultural community outreach.

Our mission is to serve people with excellence through addiction recovery, including the Colony of Mercy, Woman of Character, and Colony Kids of Promise. All of our Addiction Recovery Ministries are designed to unite and strengthen families, to teach healthy ways of communication and healthy boundaries, while providing invaluable resources for on-going victorious living.

We also offer conferences, retreats and outreach for groups and individuals on over 600 acres of the Pinelands in New Jersey, that encourage and inspire people to live successfully. Many events are offered to our local community such as our Keswick Fitness Program, Ladies Who Lunch, Men’s Fellowship Night, seasonal dinner concerts and much more!

The high quality of a new sign from FASTSIGNS would match the excellence of our community outreach. America’s Keswick will soon celebrate its 116th Anniversary yet we are often the best kept secret in New Jersey. A digital sign at the entrance of our facility would allow us to be more visible to our neighbors and local community.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a sign makeover from Fastsigns! On behalf of the entire staff at America’s Keswick, we would be so grateful if we receive funds to accomplish this goal!”


Kathy Withers
Development Associate America’s Keswick