Franchisee Kevin Hebert and Family Assist Louisiana Community after Hurricane Ida

Sep 03, 2021

Kevin_Hebert_Hurricane Ida

Franchisee Kevin Hebert and his family were recently highlighted on News 4 Nashville for their willingness to help community members near their home in Louisiana, even though they had been displaced from the hurricane themselves.

The news story highlighted how Kevin and his wife, Debbie, had evacuated Luling to come stay with their daughter, Haley Clark, in the Nashville area. Kevin talked about the level of devastation from Hurricane Ida. They weren’t sure how bad the damage would be for them and others, but they made a decision to be a part of positive change.

Together, this family began collecting water, food and additional essentials to take back home. Haley made a post on social media asking for supplies from other community members. In a short amount of time, people began responding by dropping supplies off at her house.

“In times of crisis, we are Americans and we come through for our country mates,” said Kevin.

To watch the broadcast and learn more, visit the link here.