Meet the Staff

  • ClayBaker

    Clay Baker

    Clay has over 30 years of sales and management experience in 4 different industries.  As the Owner, Clay is both customer and employee focused.  His role is to provide the staff with the tools and resources they need to be creative, innovative, and remain on task to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.  Our core value is to provide the best quality visual communication products at very competitive prices and on deadline. 
  • CaseyCaldwell

    Casey Caldwell

    Production Manager and Installation Expert
    Casey has over 5 years of installation expertise.  His license allows him to install most of the final products we make for our valued customers.  Casey makes every effort to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but also to exceed them.  He installs our finished products professionally, cleanly, and quickly every time. 
  • AliWade

    Ali Wade

    Graphic Designer
    Ali has over 7 years of graphic design experience and graduated with a bachelor of fine art in graphic design from Miami University.  She is in charge of design and layout for all graphic jobs.  Her goal is to create clear, appealing, and especially effective signage solutions for our valued customers.
  • MikeRavenscraft

    Michael Ravenscraft

    Production/Design/Router Operator
    Mike has over 15 years of production and graphic design experience.   Mike fabricates and finishes many of the products for our customers.  He has extensive experience with the engraver and router as well.   Mike takes personal pride in providing quality finished products. 
  • MikeLang

    Mike Lang

    Sales and Marketing Director
    Mike has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience.  Mike’s aim is to uncover needs and wants so that he can provide clear and straight-forward advice on the best options to accomplish them.  Mike has won several awards for superior customer service during his professional career.