Celebrating March Birthdays

by Kaitlyn Mullinax

Wow! It has been a whirlwind of the first few months leaving everything you know and starting this new chapter of life. We’ve been busy learning about all the glamorous and not so glamorous things that come with being an entrepreneur. There is a LOT to learn and a TON of work to do! Now don’t get me wrong, we’re having a blast and we’ve never second guessed our decision, however, its very easy to become all consumed with this one part of our lives. We both get excited with the progress we’ve made and the new things we’ve learned that it's easy to go an entire day and not talk about anything else! That’s not all bad, but definitely not sustainable especially when you throw in planning for a wedding. Part of our learning process is finding that balance and remembering what makes us great working together.

Fortunately for us this past week was filled with plenty of opportunities for us to slow down and remember why we made this decision. Kaitlyn’s birthday is March 15th and Gaby’s is the 19th. Add those two together and you have one hell of a birthday bash! Not to mention, Gaby loves any excuse to celebrate, so turning 60 required a BIG event. That means taking a few days off, gathering family and friends (my parents from Michigan too), and heading to a 20 person beach house for a weekend of celebrating. We had a fiesta, climbed rock walls, had some cocktails, watched the sunset, laughed, tasted our way through wine country, hiked mountain trails, and celebrated two amazing women. Now most of the credit, if not all of it for this awesome weekend goes to Kaitlyn. Her expertise as an event professional was on full display! I guess you could call me her intern ;)



The point of this is that it's really easy to become consumed with “work”, especially when you have a personal connection with it. We get it because we both truly find joy and purpose in what we’re working towards. But if you want to live life with an overflowing bucket then you need to take time to enjoy the other parts of life that fill you up. This is what makes us stronger as a couple and a team!



Looking forward to many more days of endless conversations about our centers, more weekend get-aways and remembering to take the time to celebrate.