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Connect With Your Customers Through Color

by Amanda Honey Farias

As a brand, you know who you are; you’ve cultivated a style and personality, that helps you tell your story. Everything from your logo, the signs around your building and the way your employees interact with customers affirms your brand’s narrative. Your customers like and relate to your brand, but did you know that something as simple as the colors you use could make them like you even more? Here are 3 ideas for creating a positive brand perception:

Rolling out the Welcome Mat:

wall and window graphic

Perhaps you are known for your amazing customer service. You don’t hesitate to do a little something extra for customers and it’s always done with a smile. Your customers love you for it and not only make an effort to give great reviews for your hospitality, but they keep coming back. Besides your fun, positive logo and the smiling faces that greet your customers at the door, you can translate your friendly, open image with a warm happy color in your spaces, such as a soft orange or yellow in the lobby.

You’re the Real VIP:

journey coffee sign and stein

It’s human nature; we can’t resist the idea of luxury and exclusivity, especially when it’s associated with a premium product or service. As a business, you can encourage your customers to treat themselves by using velvety jewel tones that make them feel regal. Think about some of the luxury brands you buy (or wish you could): what kind of colors do they use?

Get With It:

positive thinking vinyl and 3 dimensional lettering

Waking up is hard to do, and if your business gets people up and going in the morning like a gym, breakfast diner or coffeehouse, your clients rely on you to help them. Besides loud music (or just pouring them a cup of caffeine) using bright, strong and colorful wall graphics can complement the sense of urgency your clients feel to start the day. While red and yellow are obvious choices, a more modern mood-color like fuschia, bright green or electric blue could deliver that jolt, too.

You can create an even stronger connection with your customers by incorporating colors that tie in with your brand’s personality by enhancing your interior decor. Think about what you offer that your customers love, and consider expanding on it with an appealing color that people’s minds will associate with your great brand.

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