5 Great Places to Put Retail Signs and Visual Graphics

by Christina Krenek

Smart retailers and restaurateurs use signs and visual graphics to communicate with customers and reinforce their brand’s personality. Deciding where to place the signs and graphics is just as important as the message itself. When customers feel welcome and know how to find their way, they’ll be less frustrated and more confident when deciding to make a purchase. Here are five essential places to put signs and visual graphics to direct customers around the store, communicate messages and create a great customer experience:

1.On the outside of your building or location to identify your brand.

Exterior signage is the first visual branding visitors see so the signs on your building need to make an impact. Just as a well-placed, properly sized and nicely designed sign can enhance the image of a company’s image, the opposite can be said about a poorly placed, sized and designed sign; it can negatively impact the credibility and image of a retailer. Choosing a low quality, low budget option for your exterior sign can be very costly in the long run for any retailer.

Window Graphics

2.On windows to extend your brand.

Exterior windows are large blank canvases that provide retailers a great opportunity to tell their story. By incorporating product or lifestyle photos along with brand graphic elements, window graphics can do a great job communicating a retailer’s key messaging.   

Window Graphics

3.On the floor in the entry to direct people to a featured area of your store.

One area of the store that is traditionally the most under-used and overlooked is the floor. Well positioned and designed floor graphics can be a highly effective tool to either promote a product or direct buyers to a particular section of the store.

4.On the back wall to indicate where discounted merchandise can be found.

Much like the exterior windows, interior walls can also provide retailers a great opportunity to showcase products or reinforce brand messaging.  But more importantly, wall space can be highly-effective in identifying different departments or areas such as discounted merchandise.

Wall Graphics

5.On the shelf at the point of purchase.

A well-organized point of purchase signage plan is extremely important, and can be the difference between making a sale or not. Few things are more frustrating than attempting to shop in a store and being unable to find a particular product because of a poorly organized signage plan. Observing customer traffic patterns can provide a tremendous amount of data in determining how “shoppable” a store is. The shorter the time it takes customers to locate the product they’re looking for, the more effective the signage plan likely is.

For more tips and tricks for to make your brand stand out with signs and visual graphics, purchase a copy of Signs Sell here.   

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