3 Stylish Solutions to Enhance Meeting Collaboration

by Nick Jerome

3 Stylish Solutions to Enhance Meeting Collaboration

Even with all of the advances in our modern world, there is no replacement for a face-to-face meeting. Many legendary ideas and products were born out of classic brainstorming meetings. You need a conference table, whiteboard or notepad—maybe some coffee—and the attention of your colleagues. With the evolution of digital technology and enhancements to the traditional whiteboard concept with glass and magnetics, you have more options to add style and increased functionality to your meetings.

1. Digital Whiteboards

Imagine the collaboration with digital whiteboards, a combination of hardware such as a large display, tablets or smartphones and collaborative software that connects devices to the screen. This technology is staking its claim in classrooms across the world for its ability to poll a group, share ideas, present images and videos, and push this out to relevant parties before the class or meeting is adjourned. Digital whiteboards can add tremendous value and increase productivity exponentially when content is shared with the right audience.

3 Stylish Solutions to Enhance Meeting Collaboration

2. Glassboards

Enhance the look of your workspace with the striking design of Glassboards. Traditional whiteboards work for the intended purpose, but they don’t add the branding and communication experience available with a glass surface. Glassboards can be produced with your logo or mission statement, in unique colors and customizable shapes. Imagine a conference room table that is made of glass and allows engineers or designers to share concepts in a meeting and is highly durable and can be wiped clean. If you are in search of a solution that won’t leave sensitive information up after cleaning, Glassboards might be right for you. They enhance the aesthetics of any space as they function both as a premium writing surface and a stylish architectural feature.


3. Magnetic Receptive Graphics

Transform your space and change the look and function of a wall effortlessly with this product. With magnetic receptive graphics, you get a multilayered offering that can have a layer of premium whiteboard or chalkboard, and unique shapes or markers that can be moved around to form a design or call out an idea. You can also switch between writable surface layers and décor layers with almost any design or texture you can imagine. Your wall can include a useful whiteboard section with your logo one minute and be changed to an exotic wood grain the next. Magnetic graphics are a truly special solution that can enhance any conference room or retail space—and even turn a conference room into a retail space.

Magnetic Receptive Graphics

We are all searching for ways to increase workplace productivity. With these cutting-edge collaboration tools, you can enhance the look of your workspace, elevate the look of your brand and boost workplace communication. Share your ideas for workplace collaboration and by tweeting us @FASTSIGNS or post your photos to our  Facebook  and Pinterest  pages.