New Strategies for Your Point of Purchase Display

by Drue Townsend

As customers make their way through a retail store, they’re bombarded with images and messages from brands hoping to attract their business. Many consumers are so used to these advertisements that the messages fail to register as anything more than a random combination of colors and words.

One of the ways to cut through the noise is to use point of purchase displays. These displays promote products and brands and are designed to give the consumer that final push to purchase. Point of purchase displays, whether they are banners, cutouts or any other visual communication product, are so effective and efficient that they are one of the most common marketing strategies within a retail store environment. That’s why retailers should always be looking for new ways to engage potential customers; new strategies that make the customer pause, take notice and eventually take action. Here are some design strategies to consider for your next point of purchase display.

Feature a Powerful Visual

point of purchase displays

Photo credit:  Behance

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It’s a cliché, sure, but it’s also true. A striking image is more powerful than a catchy slogan. Attracting attention is the name of the game, and showcasing a large image is a safe bet to catch a customer’s eye. Cutouts can be effective visuals because of their sheer size and dimensional capabilities. Wall graphics lend themselves to creativity and versatility. It’s important that the visual is either immediately recognizable or stirs emotions. The Red Bull® airplane display is effective because it not only is eye-catching, but it also subtly communicates the brand’s message and the product’s effects.

Look For New Space

point of purchase display

Photo credit:  New Optical Illusions

Retail space is limited as brands compete for optimal placement at eye level. Look for new and creative spaces to place your point of purchase signage. Point of purchase signs are routinely place at eye level or higher to ensure that customers can see them from any location in the store. Use floor graphics like the ones Coca-Cola® use to take advantage of all of your available space. These are creative, call instant attention to the brand and engage the customer in a way they aren’t accustomed to.

Consistency and Coordination

This strategy might be considered a basic fundamental approach to your point of purchase display, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. The display shouldn’t contradict the brand or retail store’s overarching message. Point of purchase displays should build on an existing marketing theme. The Red Bull display above is effective because of its simplicity. The aircraft communicates multiple messages all while staying in line with the brand’s theme of high energy and adrenaline.

Change the Offer

point of purchase sign

Photo credit:  thekrazycouponlady

Just as your visual communication strategy should be varied, so should the offer of your point of purchase display. Customers can become accustomed to deals quickly, which means your once-irresistible deal is now the standard expectation. A new offer can create a sense of urgency or excite the senses of the customer. A fresh and evolving display will keep the customer interested and invested in the brand, potentially creating loyalty.

Point of purchase signs are very effective, but they aren’t sales magic. They must be used strategically with attention to detail and creativity. Standing out to consumers in an ad-heavy environment is difficult, but using these strategies will give you a head start.

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