Getting the Most out of Your Content: How FASTSIGNS Promoted the Signs Sell Book

by Deryl Cason

We create content to be able to share experiences with an intended audience. Whether it’s a personal love letter to our significant other or presentation we deliver to a prospective group of clients; content is created to be shared.

Social Promotion Images Created for Signs Sell

In 2013, FASTSIGNS® had the unique to opportunity to partner up with authors, Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson, on creating FASTSIGNS’s first book, Sign Sell: Harnessing the Power of Your Interior Advertising. Here are a few lessons learned along the way about how to make sure this content was shared successfully.

Know Your Audience, Know Your Audience, Know Your Audience

In order to get the book into the right hands; we asked ourselves, “Who would most benefit from reading this?”

In the case of Signs Sell, we narrowed it down to smaller sized business professional; the person who may not have the backing of a corporate marketing department or have sufficient budget to afford a high end marketing agency.  Our book caters to the business professional that benefits from learning the value of having a diverse visual communications strategy or understanding the power of introducing digital signage into their business’s marketing plan.

Social Promotion Images Created for Signs Sell

Even though we found our initial targeting group, we didn’t want to limit the book to a small niche demographic. We needed to identify other key groups of business professionals that might indirectly benefit from our content. This allowed us to segue into various sized marketing agencies who come into contact with and serve other professionals.

Now, that we identified the “Who” we had to determine the “How.” 

How to Promote the Content?

With the understanding of who we felt would benefit from the book, we needed to come up with the best way of promoting it. Fortunately, in today’s marketing world, the power of social media is in the hands of the user.

Primarily, we leveraged our social media presence when promoting Signs Sell. By implementing a cross platform strategy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; we were able to capture potential readers with different social arms. Plus, the opportunity for readers to share our content through personal social channels was a great way to spread the content via word of mouth. Social media is one of the few marketing tools which allow a company of any size the opportunity to have immediate engagement with their audience.

Next, we targeted specific individuals within businesses and groups that we thought were good candidates for our book. We sent them a complimentary copy of the book along with a letter which explained why we sent them a book and how they could potentially incorporate the content into their business.

Social Promotion Images Created for Signs Sell

We continue these strategies today with Signs Sell which allows to us fine tune the overall promotional plan as well as reach a larger audience over time.

Regardless the type of content created, the main goal in promoting it is identifying the right audience and the perfect methods of communication. The possibilities are endless once you determine those key aspects.

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