Great Restaurant Promo Ideas for Father’s Day

by Jayme Nelson

Father’s Day can sometimes be overshadowed by Mother’s Day. The event always comes later in the year, and it may feel as though less money is spent spoiling dad when compared to mom’s annual celebration. But don’t let that keep you from going all out for all of the fathers out there. Father’s Day can still provide a seasonal revenue boost, especially for restaurants. Going out to eat is the most popular way of celebrating the big day, so your restaurant promotions should cater to dad’s taste.

Your promotion ideas should start with the time of day. Some meals are more popular with fathers than they are with mothers, so rolling out last month’s deals simply won’t do. Fathers deserve a fresh set of promotions based on their preferences. Let’s not make things too confusing. We’ll start with breakfast.


For the famously most important meal of the day, keep it traditional. Your outdoor restaurant signs could simply read, “DADS EAT FREE!”. No gimmicks, no catch. Dad is a straight shooter, and he knows what free means. Of course, fathers won’t usually be eating alone on this day, so your restaurant will still get the business of his family while making sure he is king for the day.

Restaurant Signs | Father’s Day | FASTSIGNS


Moms own brunch, but dads like to indulge a little early, too. While fathers might pass on the fruity cocktails, they could still enjoy a few Father’s Day favorites. Put some Father’s Day-themed drink choices right under his nose with a traditional table tent. These popular promotional tools might get dad out of his comfort zone and help him find his new go-to refreshment.


Restaurant Signs | Father’s Day | FASTSIGNS

For the fathers that like to show off all of their latest gadgets, a lunch spot with the latest in restaurant sign technology should attract a crowd. Digital menus are nice, but step it up a notch with interactive table tops. These digital crowd pleasers let guests go deep into the menu, order drinks on-demand and watch the game right from their seats. It’s only a matter of time until he tells his friends.


According to the National Restaurant Association, dinner is the most popular meal on Father’s Day. Sixty-seven percent of groups that celebrate the day at a restaurant choose the biggest meal of the day. This promotion has to be a show stopper, so let dad sing his favorite song with a karaoke stage. He might embarrass his kids, but if he wants to sing his favorite Aerosmith song, it’s his day. Make sure you have a scrolling LED sign just in case dad doesn’t remember the words as well as he thought.

Food for Thought

Remember that mom and the kids will be the ones making plans, so speak their language. For the more tech-savvy kids in the family, SMS messaging is a good play. These text messages can promote Father’s Day deals directly to their smartphones. Meanwhile, mom wants to create a memorable day, so hiring a restaurant photographer to capture the moment could get them in the door. And not everyone celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, so keeping your promotions open all week could help business for the full seven days. Let potential customers know about your deals with professional restaurant signs. What restaurant signage are you using to promote your Father’s Day deals? Share them with us on our Facebook page and Pinterest board!


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