Compliance Signs to Keep Your Complex Safe

by Christina Krenek

Everywhere we go, we see signs informing, directing and entertaining us. We see so many signs in our day-to-day lives, that sometimes begin to fade into the background, taken for granted. This is especially true of compliance signage – the sign and visual graphics most responsible for the safety of everyone around us. Compliance signage is so widely used because it’s often required, highly effective and the best way to keep public facilities safe, including apartment complexes, shopping malls, office buildings and school campuses.

Apartment Community

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When it comes to mutli-unit housing, managers are charged with maintaining an orderly environment where residents and employees feel at home. Building this sense of community requires a consistent and clear visual communication strategy. As people come and go in an apartment community, both in the short-term and long-term, community managers use compliance signage to establish and maintain expectations for resident behavior. This includes custom compliance signs for community-specific rules as well as safety signs, such as elevator protocol in the case of an emergency.

Shopping Mall

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The Saturday shopping mall scene is a familiar one: thousands of people moving about, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes rushed, and almost always in a million different directions at once. As shoppers make their way around the mall, the hectic scene can lead to confusion and danger. This makes compliance signage and wayfinding signs crucial to the safety of shopping malls. These signs help direct traffic, prevent accidents and present organization where chaos has the opportunity to take over.

Office Building

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Many office buildings are home to several businesses and workspace for thousands of those business’ employees. Each business communicates to their employees what’s expected by building management in the event of an emergency. But sometimes those expectations can be lost in translation or forgotten altogether. Compliance signage helps unite everyone in the building, creating a cooperative atmosphere that could save lives.

School Campus

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As college freshman arrive to their new schools in a couple of months, many will be unfamiliar with their new surroundings. From their dorm rooms to on-campus auditoriums and football stadiums, there will be expectations, rules and precautions they’ve never encountered. Custom compliance signage can help new students adjust and meet those expectations without the stress of feeling lost or out of place. One of the main benefits of compliance signage is organizing information. When that freshman is looking at the campus map upside down, a helpful compliance sign could get them off on the right foot.

Compliance signage isn’t always the fanciest or most publicized form of signage, but it could be the most important in keeping the public safe. One last thing to note is if you’re installing an ADA sign, it must meet federal guidelines. Our experts are available for any questions about this and any other signage topic.

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