Think Inside the Box: How to Create an Experience in Your Space

by Jayme Nelson

Marketing today is all about creating an experience by extending a brand’s message and personality across all touch points—wherever a product or service is created, marketed, sold and used.

Having lifestyle photo murals of the product in action or dressing room doors painted in colors that coordinate with a retail location’s décor is pretty standard. But did you know that you can provide a great first impression for vendors and visitors, and help create a culture for the team in your business office by extending your branding to your interior décor?

Imagine your current office as a blank canvas. Now, brainstorm ways to transform that blank white space into something fun and inspiring that will give your employees a visual pick-me-up. Whether you're designing a large corporate office or enhancing a smaller space, there are creative sign and visual graphic solutions to incorporate into any workplace.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great communication tool for keeping employees in the loop about products, services, people, events and programs. Use digital signs throughout your facilities to get the right message to each of your audiences and extend your brand. Place kiosks or displays in the lobby to welcome visitors or to tell them about who you are. Add screens to break rooms and hallways to display important company news and “thank you” messages from clients.

Branded wall graphics

Wrapped Tables and Wall Graphics

Extend your brand to your conference room by wrapping tables, adding ceiling-to-floor graphics or displaying canvas prints on the wall. Create a fun, productive environment for presentations, internal meetings, prospective employee interviews and more.

Unique table wraps

Imaged Glass

If your office has glass walls, doors and windows, frosted vinyl or etched glass can transform them by extending your brand and adding an element of privacy. Place your company's logo, or other branding elements, on glass doors and conference room walls.

Imaged glass

Imaged Elevators and Floor Graphics

Take your message to the ground level with elevator door graphics and floor graphics that let people know that they are in your world. Take it a step further and have branded pillows or furniture.

Floor graphics

Branded pillows

Dimensional Lettering

Turn your logo or business name into décor pieces with dimensional lettering. Signs can be constructed with a variety of materials, including acrylic, wood and aluminum, to align with the look and feel of your office atmosphere.

Dimensional letters

Dimensional lettering

Think inside the box and turn your office into a more comfortable and creative work environment. By adding just a few new sign and visual graphic elements, your workplace will feel refreshed and inviting, and you can create a better experience for everyone.