4 Most Romantic Proposals of 2016

by Jayme Nelson

Are you exhausted from all of the negativity on social media? Well at FASTSIGNS, love is in the air and we’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One of our favorite ways to commemorate the holiday of love and companionship is to share our favorite romantic proposals of the year. As these proposals are shared on social media and other online outlets, we always notice a common theme: visual communication. Signs, banners, posters and outdoor displays are all used as the secret weapons of these real-life Cupids. So without further ado, here are our four most romantic proposals of 2016.

2016 Marriage Proposals
Video credit: Matty Mac

Sam and Jess have been friends since they were 10 years old. But after some hints from Jess, Sam knew he had to pop the question sooner rather than later. So he told Jess that his cousin, Matty, was in need of a couple in love for his latest music video. The music video, backed by Matty Mac’s “The Proposal”, starts in LOVE Park in Philadelphia. The park features an outdoor display of Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture, where couples and families routinely gather for a photo. As the video transitions from shots of the couple in the park to the couple at a romantic dinner, the song’s lyrics quickly become very real for Jess. That’s when she realizes that she and Sam are the true stars of the show.

Most Romantic Proposals
Video credit: onedelorean

Firefighters and teachers are both intensely devoted to their jobs, which makes this next proposal so fitting. Justin, a local firefighter, has equipped the Greentown fire engine with a custom banner with a question for “Mrs. Z”. Mrs. Z is an elementary school teacher busy with the duties of a fire drill. As she attempts to account for her students, the fire department pulls up to the school. Justin quickly approaches her, and soon she realizes this is anything but a routine fire drill.

Romantic Proposals
Video credit: Shoffy J

Jason wanted to go the extra mile for his proposal to his girlfriend, Simone. Simone is enamored with anything Disney, so Jason decided to peak her interest with an invite-only Disney exhibition. Of course, the exhibition was nothing more than a front for Jason’s proposal. Simone soon walked into an elaborate exhibit, where Disney prints lined the walls of a rented studio. Simone made her way around before going downstairs, where Jason had displayed his own prints. These prints were Disney-style recreations of the couple’s photos together. With this creativity and thoughtfulness, we expect Jason and Simone to live happily ever after.

Romantic Marriage Proposals
Video Credit: Wedding Film

We don’t recommend trying to pull off this proposal unless you’re highly qualified. This mad scientist appears to be conducting a complicated experiment. A tub of iodine, a few batteries and a rolled-up banner make an appearance before he asks for a volunteer from the crowd. The volunteer is given one end of the iodine-soaked banner, while the scientist unrolls his secret message. Slowly but surely, the volunteer is revealed as his girlfriend, and the banner reveals his proposal.

If you’re looking for a creative way to propose or looking for romantic signs for the big day, FASTSIGNS can help. Not only can we create a high-quality sign, we might even have a few good ideas to help with the proposal. Happy Valentine’s Day from FASTSIGNS! 

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