Guidelines for Keeping Your Visitors and Employees Safe at Your Facility by Using Compliant and Regulatory Signs

by Vanessa Davidson

The safety of your company's visitors and employees should always be a priority. Knowing what types of signs and graphics you need in and around your facility will help lead the way to keeping everyone safe. Here are a few simple guidelines:

1. Make it easy to identify entrances and exits, accessibility features, restrooms, non-smoking areas, and emergency evacuation routes.

Office Stairs Exit Route Sign Red Overhead Exit Door Sign Tornado Shelter Directional Sign

2. Use braille, bilingual and universal signage to ensure your communication is understood by everyone.

Branded Braille Sign Example  Universal Tornado Warning Sign

3. Mark hazardous and restricted areas with wall signs, floor graphics and barrier markers.

Permit Entry Only Danger Sign  Standard Pool Rules Warning Sign

4. Make sure to perform periodic compliance assessments to help protect people and your business to ensure a safer and more welcoming environment for visitors.

Hardhat Wearing Compliance Officer

Using compliant and regulatory signage will help protect your visitors and employees.