3 Creative Ways Glassboards are Used in the Market Today

by Jayme Nelson

Glassboards stand out for their sleek, polished appearance, but their versatile functionality makes them a hard working asset for any business or facility. Let's take a look at three ways these unique glass display boards are used.

Scheduling Assistant

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Low maintenance glass boards can provide important and changing information in a fast-moving, busy environment. Keep employees up to date with production schedules and progress reports. Easy to clean and germ free, medical staff can easily wipe away patient stats and personal information at a moment’s notice.

Creative Meeting Facilitator

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Glassboards serve as a mobile writing surface to capture ideas during brainstorming sessions and transport them from conference room to offices. Their sleek and easy to edit surfaces invite collaboration during meetings and reduce paper waste. Some are magnetic, allowing for additional elements to be added. When not in use, they can wheel directly into a closet or storage area.

Flexible Office Furnishing 

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Glassboards are low maintenance communication surfaces that don’t require special training to use; just write and wipe. Roll glassboards into place as needed for note taking, or they can create separation or privacy in small spaces. They function as a partition while doubling as a writing surface. The sophisticated look of glassboards allows for them to stand alone as decor elements when not in use. 

Glass boards are a multi-purpose tool that can adjust to needs on the spot while enhancing workflow and promoting collaboration. Design-friendly and functional, glass boards fulfill unique visual communications needs--and look good doing it.