7 Strategies to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

by Christina Krenek

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” - Ralph Marston

That is just one of the many quotes displayed at FASTSIGNS International’s corporate office in “Inspiration Hall,” which helps create a positive, engaging environment and reinforces company values. Keeping employees informed, engaged and motivated leads to happier and more productive employees. Here are a few effective employee communication strategies from FASTSIGNS®.


  1. Recognition Banners.

    Use custom banners to recognize employees’ achievements, such as milestone anniversaries, promotions and community awards, and have the team sign and write messages of appreciation. This is a great way for companies to communicate how much they value their employees and celebrate their work.


  2. Digital Displays.

    Keep employees informed using digital displays to communicate messages at the right time and in the right place. Welcome guests and let employees know who is visiting the building by displaying a custom welcome message. Display employees’ birthdays each month to celebrate their special day. Share a calendar of upcoming events. Incorporate a live news and weather feed to share the latest news. There are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to content for digital signs.


  3. Wall and Window Graphics.

    Extend branding to walls and windows using graphics and murals to enhance the decor, create an engaging environment, and make employees proud of their workspace. For example, share the company history on a timeline through a wall display. Make employee break rooms and common areas relaxing using scenic imagery on the walls. Recognize achievements using engraved plaques or acrylic standoff displays. Use branded window shades or etched glass to create privacy.


  4. Table Graphics.

    Use graphics to brand conference room tables to complement the decor and create a professional space. Keep employees engaged and give them an opportunity to relax during breaks by wrapping tables in employee rooms or kitchen areas to create game boards. For example, transform breakroom tables into a tic-tac-toe game or chess board.

  5. Employee Decor Contest.

    For holidays, engage your employees by hosting a workspace decorating contest and give prizes to people who created the best office decorations. This festive team-building activity can encourage communication while adding to a “work hard, but have fun,” company culture. 


  6. Goal Boards.

    Use branded dry erase boards with printed vinyl to track individual or team goals. Whether it’s reaching a specific number in sales, pushing out products or increasing prospects, custom boards help employees stay informed and on track.


  7. Reward Incentive.

    Motivate employees, boost morale and reward accomplishments by offering an incentive program. For example, FASTSIGNS of Chicago - Lakeview owner Todd Fisher set an annual sales goal, and if the team achieved it, they would all get to go on a five-day team vacation to Jamaica, a destination the team chose.

    “This was an outstanding motivator for the entire year,” Todd said. “Each team member was truly interested in our monthly sales goals and worked diligently to meet or exceed them. The trip to Jamaica was epic and a bonding experience for everyone.” 

Having the right employee communications in place helps get your team on the same page and be more successful.