Earth Day 2019: 4 Steps You Can Take to Help the Environment

by Leah Edwards

Locally and internationally, organizations and companies are growing in their knowledge and interest in “going green.” Better products, better disposal and better practices all help ensure a better future for generations to come. Here are some ways to take steps in the right direction as we celebrate Earth Day 2019.


1. Introduce Products That are More Eco-friendly

One way to go green is to utilize products on the market that are more environmentally friendly and/or sustainable. Dreamscape’s Wall covering, Terralon, is an amazing product that has been made from recycled water bottles (9 million and the number is growing to date) and contains 31% post-consumer recycled content – the highest in the market, according to the company.


Palram’s PALBOARD, is another eco-friendly product. It is a printable, multi-layer sheet, which includes a core made from recycled PVC, sandwiched between tough, surface-quality PVC. Palram’s overarching goal is to improve sustainability and reduce plastic waste.  

Lastly, Eaglecell board is the recyclable, eco-friendly option for replacing plastic, metal and wood as an all-paper honeycomb graphics board with 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface papers. FASTSIGNS International, Inc has used this specific product during conventions and conference shows.

One exciting new product is set to be featured this week at the 2019 ISA International Sign Expo April 24-26. The 100% recyclable DISPA® graphic display board will be introduced to the Americas at this conference. This product provides an ideal option for short-term promotional campaigns, point-of-purchase displays, hanging signs, window displays, tradeshow and 3D displays. To read more about this eco-friendly product, visit here.

2. Repurpose Items So They Become Multi-Use Items

There are other ways to “go green” with a little bit of creativity. By turning a single-use piece into a multi-use piece, you have lengthened the life of that product and helped the environment in return.

For example, one of our favorite recycling projects and reuse of signs in the last year came post-election season. FASTSIGNS® of North Little Rock’s General Manager, Brittany Nichols, was inspired to make a difference in her community after election season. As an active member of a few local environmental groups, including Plastic Free Little Rock, The Sierra Club of Little Rock and the Mayor’s Sustainability Commission, Nichols wanted to be an agent for change, so she created a graphic with ideas for how to repurpose campaign signs and where to donate them for additional use. She also posted in the environmental groups where she’s a member and even asked friends to share on social media. The North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce also shared it on Facebook and the media contacted Nichols to do a story. Sharing can lead to more caring for the environment!


As a business owner, you can also consider ways to donate old signs or materials to art classes at local schools or arts organizations that might be able to use them as creative supplies.

3. Consider Daily Activities for Ways to Be Greener

Another way to become more environmentally sound involves being cautious of the proper disposal of hazardous materials—correct collection, recycling and disposal of ink and toner cartridges. Determine which companies are qualified to reduce the environmental impact for customers who want to make wise disposal decisions for hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

You can also reduce waste by purchasing products with minimum packaging or options of bulk amounts sold. Do your best to incorporate energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs into a workspace and encourage customers to do so as well. Be mindful of wattage used by turning off equipment when unused, especially during nights and weekends.

Though printed documents can contribute to office waste and going paperless can be a way to combat that, here is an interesting read created by Two Sides about common myths about print and paper.

4. Get Involved in Environmental Organizations and Events

You can become more green by getting actively involved in local eco-friendly organizations in your community that can provide educational resources and give you ideas for ways to be more sustainable as a business. A few examples of these types of organizations include Sierra Club, Zero Waste groups which can be referenced here, sustainability initiatives through your city or community and environmental groups by state like the Keep Texas Beautiful initiative or the Arkansas Recycling Coalition. Check out what recycling opportunities are available in your area by visiting the link here.

Another way you can support an eco-friendly world is to assist in the design, production and installation of signs for events and organizations that are furthering an eco-friendly mission.

At FASTSIGNS of Dallas Northeast, franchisee Sarosh Nayar, has partnered with the EarthX conference in Dallas to create signs for them. EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring actions for a more sustainable future worldwide. They connect the global community in ways that help create positive change, and ensure a future for our children and grandchildren.

On this Earth Day, how you can work toward measurable eco-friendly goals? By incorporating new products, repurposing items and sign materials, changing some daily activities and getting involved, you can become an instrument of change.