Trade Show Objectives

A successful trade show can help your company or organization meet a specific marketing objective-to increase awareness, build goodwill, introduce a new product, or simply to entertain. Let FASTSIGNS® help you set trade show goals you can meet.

Set Specific Objectives

Too often, companies attend trade shows simply because "our competition will be there." By setting very specific objectives for each show and then planning your exhibit to meet those objectives, you can dramatically increase the return on your show investment.

Sample Goals

  • Build your company's image

  • Write contracts and orders

  • Launch new product lines

  • Generate sales inquiries

  • Meet existing customers

  • Canvas your competition

  • Recruit dealers or employees

  • Inform and educate your marketplace

Make Them Measurable

Next, set quantifiable objectives for your trade show exhibit. If your goal is to generate sales inquiries, for example, calculate the exact number of leads you should expect from a show, and then plan and staff your exhibit to meet that objective.

Put Them in Writing

Finally, write down your trade show goals and objectives. A written plan can help build support for these goals and provides a useful tool for measuring trade show performance.