After The Trade Show

When your trade show comes to an end, it's time to take action on the leads you've gathered. Follow these suggestions for ensuring that you make the most of each and every one.

Managing Leads

If your company does not currently use an effective "closed loop" lead management system, consider these lead-tracking basics before you head out for a show

  • Think about how you will question and "qualify" a new customer prospect

  • If you do not already have one, create a detailed "Sales Lead Card" to gather information on the prospect, company, product requirements and purchase timeframe

  • Set up a system to forward detailed, high-quality sales materials to your best lead prospect

  • Create a system to track each and every lead until it is exhausted or sold

Measuring and Analyzing Results

By keeping track of all leads generated at a show and by analyzing the impact those leads have on your final sales you can evaluate the effectiveness of your trade show strategies. A number of computerized lead-tracking and sales management software systems are currently available. Some companies use outside resources to handle the high flow of sales leads generated at shows.