How to Attach a Metal Sign to a Pole in 4 Steps

Below are four steps for how to attach a metal sign to a pole. Here are the tools you’ll need for the job:

  • (2) Pipe Post Brackets (you can purchase from Grimco -
  • Drill or Hole Punch
  • Ratchet, open end wrench, or crescent wrench
  • Tape measure

Step 1: take the sign to be hung, and measure to find the vertical center on the top and bottom of the sign. Inset at least 1” in to the center of the hole. Drill or punch a hole large enough to accommodate the bolt included with the bracket.

Step 2: Attach the bar side of the bracket to the back of the sign by placing the bolt through the inside of the bracket first, and then through the back of the sign. Place the locking washer and nut on the bolt and tighten to secure the metal sign.

An open-end wrench or crescent wrench may be necessary to keep the bolt from spinning on the bracket side as you tighten the nut from the front. Make sure the bar portion of the bracket is parallel to the top or the bottom edge on the back of the sign before final tightening.

Repeat this process for the next bracket.

Step 3: take the sign panel with the bar portion of the bracket attached, and place the semi-circle portion of the brackets against the pole. While holding the sign and bracket in place, attach the second half of the top bracket, and use the bolt, lock washer and nut to secure the sign so it does not slide down the pole.

Repeat this process for the bottom bracket.

Step 4: While holding the sign, slightly loosen both bolts that secure the second half of the bracket until the sign is movable, and slide the pole up or down to the correct elevation. Use a tape measure to ensure the elevation is correct, and secure the sign in place by tightening the two loosened bolts.

Now you know how to attach a metal sign to a pole.

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