How to Hang a Wooden Sign

Before hanging your sign, make sure your wall is sturdy enough to hold your sign, and that if required, you have a permit. Here are the tools you’ll need for the job:

  • Bubble Level
  • Tape measure
  • 1" width masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paper Towels or Rag
  • X-acto Knife or scissors
  • Double sided foam tape as needed
  • 100% Clear Silicone

Step 1: Prep the wall and clean the surface where the sign will be installed to remove oils from hand prints that can hinder adhesion.

A mixture of alcohol and water at a 70/30 percent ratio works well.

Step 2: Measure and determine where you will be hanging your wooden sign. Use a pencil to make a small mark where the bottom or top of the sign should be.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of the double-sided tape in the corners of the sign at a 45 degree angle with one small piece in the middle of the sign. In addition to double-sided tape, apply a small quarter- inch diameter sized dab of silicone.

Then peel the backer off the tape to expose the adhesive.

Step 4: With the mark on the wall as your guide, press one edge of the sign against the wall and then make sure it is level. While keeping the sign level, press all sides of the sign firmly to the wall.

Don’t forget to remove any fingerprints from the sign face and pencil marks from wall.

We hope this video helped you learn how to hang your wooden sign. The next time you have a sign and graphics project, contact FASTSIGNS. We create custom signs and visual graphic solutions for customers every day, from design through installation.