Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center is tucked away in a historic building set off the main road. The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum lacked visual appeal and was difficult to find. FASTSIGNS® helped the museum increase visibility, generate more visitors and tell the story of the fun and educational activities inside.

The FASTSIGNS makeover team delivered a comprehensive visual communications solution with consistently branded signs and graphics. FASTSIGNS designed a new, exterior monument sign and removed palm trees that obstructed views of the museum from the street. The team placed colorful banners at the key building entrances to advertise programs and events. Inside the building, a digital kiosk that allowed for multiple, changeable messages was installed and FASTSIGNS added vibrant graphics in high windows to create visual interest without altering or damaging the museum’s historic structure.

FASTSIGNS transformed the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and can do the same for your business. Let our experienced team solve your next visual communications challenge with comprehensive solutions that increase your business visibility and extend your brand image.


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