Digital Kiosks, Digital Displays and Digital Signage

Communicate multiple messages in the same compact space using a digital kiosk from FASTSIGNS®. Attract attention and engage your audience with photographs, color and motion.

Announce specials or new products, inform about a move or an event, recognized key customers or valuable employees, educate about a new program or policy, or show photographs and videos of places, products or people that cannot physically be in your location.

Digital kiosks are self-contained and can be placed in a lobby, retail area, waiting area, hallway, break room or any other location that has access to an electrical outlet *.

Content can be changed by transferring it onto a USB drive, or a media player can be added to the kiosk to allow for changes and scheduling to be executed remotely over the internet.

*If content is being updated via the internet, a wireless connection is also needed.

Videos Testimonials

Case Study/Serious Texas BBQ

Serious Texas BBQ is a 5-location chain in Colorado. FASTSIGNS® installed a digital kiosk in one of the Durango locations to promote daily specials, advertise their bottled sauces and gift cards and to show mouthwatering meals to people in line deciding what to order.

Sales of featured products increased and customers in line had a shorter perceived wait time. Plans are underway to add a digital kiosk to each of their other 4 locations.


Digital Kiosk Information

  • 46” commercial grade screen with 1080p and HDMI
  • 24/7 operation
  • Plays multimedia files from a built-in memory card
  • Loads content easily from a USB thumb drive
  • Requires electricity (110 – 240V)
  •  Approximately 28” wide x 67” high x 5” deep
  • Weights approximately 250 pounds

Possible Sign Needs

  • A-Frames
  • ADA Signs
  • Architectural Signs
  • Awards
  • Banners
  • Building Signs
  • Digital Signs and Content Development
  • Directional/Wayfinding
  • Displays
  • Exhibits and Banner Stands
  • Electrical/Illuminated Signs
  • Flags
  • Floor Graphics
  • Identification Signs
  • Interior Décor
  • Posters
  • Printing (Fliers, Cards, Letterhead)
  • Promotional Products
  • Safety Signs
  • Scheduling Boards
  • Site Signs
  • Vehicle/Fleet Graphics
  • Wallpaper/Graphics
  • Wearables
  • Window Shades/Graphics
  • Yard Signs
  • Labels and Decals
  • Mobile Websites
  • Monument Signs
  • Murals
  • Point of Purchase

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