FASTSIGNS® can help you extend your message and reach with a custom mobile website that we create and host for you. We can even update it weekly or monthly to make sure that you have your most current information available.

Why should I go mobile?

Increased use of smart phones and mobile applications has made reaching customers and prospects on the go more important than ever before,and having a mobile website keeps your information at their fingertips. You can even track the number of times that your QR code has been scanned by your audience.

QR Codes and mobile websites

If you aren't familiar with QR codes, this is what QR codes looks like. When your customers or prospects scan your QR code with a smartphone or other mobile device, they are redirected to your FASTSIGNS® created mobile website through their web browser.

QR codes can be added to printed materials like signs, business cards and brochures, as well as placed on windows, walls, vehicles,clothing, promotional items and displays...any place you want to let people know that there is more information available online.

Where online? On your mobile website, where you could display:

  • Coupons or social offers
  • Contact information
  • Facility floor plans and building information
  • Event schedules and maps
  • Educational videos about your product/service
  • Menu items
  • And more...

Ready to extend your marketing message with mobile?

Visit our special website to learn more about mobile websites and begin merging off-line and on-line messaging. There you can learn more about the FASTSIGNS® mobile marketing solution, browse our mobile marketing formats and portfolio, and interact with QR codes displayed on the site.

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