Instructions for RTA Application

1.Apply window cleaner, soapy water, or denatured alcohol to clean the surface where the lettering will be placed.  Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface dry.

2. Use a water-soluble pencil to draw guidelines and centerlines to help align the lettering.

3. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and three drops of liquid dish detergent.

4. Before applying, rest  the lettering on a flat surface and carefully squeegee across the transfer tape that covers the letters.

5. Find the center of the lettering and make a small mark at that point on the transfer tape.

6.With the lettering face down, peel the backing paper away from the lettering, which will remain adhered to the transfer tape.

7. Lightly spray the exposed sticky side of  the lettering with the soapy water solution.  (If the letters are being applied to glass and are smaller than 1"in height,do not use thes pray; it could cause misalignment.  Very small  letters should be applied dry.) 

8. Place the lettering and transfer tape onto the surface, using any guidelines and centerlines you have made to help align the lettering.

9. Squeegee the lettering from the center outward toward the edges, overlapping your strokes to prevent air and water from being trapped under the lettering.

10. Leave the application tape attached to the lettering and let it dry for about one hour.

11. Remove the application tape. Pull the tape back at a 180-degree angle (flat) to the surface. This will minimize the chance of the lettering being pulled up along with the tape.

Download Ready to Apply Lettering (RTA)