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The B2B Visual Digest provides useful information to help you grow your business through visual communication solutions.

B2B  Visual Digest August 22, 2016
Using Recruiters for Candidate Searches.

Whether you are about to hire your first employee or your 50th, chances are you are eager to get that person in position and productive. But finding the right person who fits your company culture, or your brand, will eliminate the additional down time and loss of resources needed to replace someone who wasn’t the right fit. While there’s no exact formula, being careful and doing some research to find that right brand ambassador for your company will pay off. To discuss successful hiring practices, our guests today are Stuart Goldblatt and Henry Glickel with Sales Recruiters, Inc., out of New Hampshire.

B2B Visual Digest July 21, 2016
Military Skills Applied to Make Successful Business Professionals.

We often hear that the military teaches servicemen and women state-of-the-art skills, from tactical to technical. But upon leaving the military, these servicemen and women must find employment where they can apply those skills. Some skills, like IT, seem obvious for civilian jobs. But other skills – leadership, strategy, budgeting – seem a little more abstract and less obvious, yet are exactly the skills that lead so success in business.

Today we are interviewing Stephen MacKenzie, a franchise business consultant for FASTSIGNS International.

B2B Visual Digest June 16, 2016
Father-Son Team from Leeds, England, UK

Part 3 of our three part series features a Father-Son team located in Leeds, United Kingdom.  In a family structure, the parent child relationship usually helps define who is boss, but in a partnership between father and son, those roles can be confusing.  Father and son team Chris and Andy Simpson of FASTSIGNS-Leeds, United Kingdom, have clearly worked out their roles out as they make their FASTSIGNS franchise a family success.

B2B Visual Digest June 14, 2016
Father-Son Team from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland Canada

Part 2 of our three part series features a Father-Son team from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland Canada.  Living with family members can be hard, but to work with a family member takes a different kind of relationship. In Mount Pearl, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, father and son team Don and Steve Drodge have figured out how to work well together.

B2B Visual Digest June 9, 2016
Father-Son Business in San Antonio, Texas, USA

Part 1 of a three part series features a Father-Son duo from San Antonio, Texas sharing their experiences working together in their family owned FASTSIGNS franchise.  Every family has at one time or another wondered how it would be to run a family business. In San Antonio, Texas, father and son team Ron and Matt West didn’t just wonder if they could, they have two FASTSIGNS locations together

B2B Visual Digest June 2, 2016
Using Social Media in Your Business

FASTSIGNS’ new Director of Content and Communications Vanessa Davidson explains how businesses can take advantages of social media to grow their business.

B2B Visual Digest May 19, 2016
How Signs Enhance Events and Reinforce Your Brand

For many, no event has more significance in the United States than Memorial Day. Honoring fallen soldiers from all wars and in all times, we also now use this day to celebrate and honor active soldiers and veterans who volunteered to serve our country. 

FASTSIGNS franchisees, many who are veterans themselves, support soldiers and veterans in many ways, from hiring veterans and collecting donations for the American Red Cross to providing welcome home signs for returning soldiers.

B2B Visual Digest April 28, 2016
Building Great Workplace Culture

Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. shares her insights as to how to build a great workplace culture

B2B Visual Digest April 07, 2016
Marketing to the Internet of Things

Matt Miles, FASTSIGNS Technology Guru, explains what he sees as the best practices for businesses to utilize the internet for customer engagement.

B2B Visual Digest March 29, 2016
Planning Your Visual Communications

FASTSIGNS® Owner, Mark Glenn, discusses the merits of having a visual communications plan for your sign projects.

B2B Visual Digest March 7, 2016
5 Common Characteristics of Highly Successful People

Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. explains the 5 common characteristics of highly successful people.  Since Catherine Monson joined FASTSIGNS International in 2009, the franchise network has grown to over 600 franchise locations in 9 countries. Under her leadership, the brand has gained awareness, the number of locations has increased, new products and services have been introduced and the franchise system has continued breaking records. She was featured on Undercover Boss in 2012 so that she could find new ways to further advance the FASTSIGNS brand.

B2B Visual Digest October 30, 2015
Why Businesses are Buying Digital Signs

We’ve teamed up with the experts at FASTSIGNS to uncover everything you want to know about digital signs!  Whether you are thinking about a digital kiosk or need to deploy a digital signage network, in this episode, we will look at the key reasons that businesses are buying digital signage.  

B2B Visual Digest October 09, 2015
Ways to Connect Décor and Wayfinding in Your Space

We’ve teamed up with the experts at FASTSIGNS to take a deep dive into décor and wayfinding. Whether you are an architect, designer or branding agency, you need to create your desired experience using the most appropriate materials and installation methods.

B2B Visual Digest September 1, 2015
Tips for making the most of events

We’ve teamed up with the experts at FASTSIGNS to take a deep dive into events!  Whether you plan a festival, gala, sporting event, trade show or corporate event, you need to brand, promote and organize in advance.

B2B Visual Digest September 1, 2015
Signs Sell:  Harnessing the power of your interior adverting:  Chapter 3

Experience engineering with signs.

B2B Visual Digest September 1, 2015
Signs Sell:  Harnessing the Power of Your Interior Adverting:  Chapter 2

What are signs and why do we need them?

B2B Visual Digest September 1, 2015
Signs Sell:  Harnessing the Power of Your Interior Adverting:  Chapter 1

Signs inform, direct and sell. Benefit from using great signs to do the selling for you.