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ADA Signs

Identify accessible environments for the disabled with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signs and graphics from FASTSIGNS®. These signs help you meet federal ADA requirements by marking wheelchair accessible building entrances, rooms within buildings, and parking spaces that are van accessible. Let us help you bring your facility into compliance with our:

  • Expertise in ADA signage
  • Complimentary ADA signage consultations
  • Precise, cost-saving printing equipment
  • Experience in bringing sites into ADA sign compliance

Outdoor Accessibility Sign Uses

  • Identify parking spaces
  • Note wider walkways
  • Point out passenger loading zones
  • Mark entrances and exits
  • Identify rescue assistance areas
  • Provide directions to the nearest accessible facility

Indoor Accessibility Sign Uses

  • Point to elevators and hoist ways
  • Identify restrooms
  • Designate volume-control telephones
  • Mark permanently designated rooms and spaces
  • Identify functional areas

For more information, visit the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website.

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ADA Signs Video

ADA and Braille Signs from FASTSIGNS

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I’m here to show you ADA and Braille signs from FASTSIGNS. These signs can help you meet ADA requirements for compliant signage and identify accessible environments for the disabled.   

Most regulatory signage includes both ADA and Braille for compliance.

Americans with Disabilities Act signs identify wheelchair accessible building entrances, rooms within buildings and accessible parking spaces.

Combine ADA with Braille for signs that feature room identification, restroom, emergency, entrances and exits and directional signs.

ADA and Braille signs are available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be created with material such as acrylic, PVC and aluminum.

You’ll love how you can keep your facility compliant with regulations and inform visitors, employees, patients and students with ADA and Braille signs from FASTSIGNS.