Supporting Local Charities With FASTSIGNS Cares

Author: Deryl Cason

FASTSIGNS International, Inc., the franchisor of more than 650 FASTSIGNS® locations worldwide, launched “FASTSIGNS Cares” in 2016. This philanthropic initiative blends local charity support, team building and community involvement, and gives franchisees the opportunity to give back to their local markets and receive peer recognition for their generous efforts.

Results from the First FASTSIGNS Cares

In FASTSIGNS Cares’ inaugural year, franchisees across the U.S. and Canada participated in a variety of ways, from providing discounted signs and graphics to some charities in their local communities to honoring returning military servicemen and women with “Welcome Home” signs and banners, to hosting events and volunteering time and services.

The 2017 FASTSIGNS Cares Winners

Additionally, FASTSIGNS Cares includes an internal annual awards program, “Show Us How You Care,” where FASTSIGNS franchisees share an overview of their annual activities. After 10 franchisee award finalists are selected, FASTSIGNS franchisees vote for the final winners by selecting who they think excelled at promoting community goodwill.

The first Show Us How You Care winners included four franchisees in the U.S. and one in Canada. Donations of $500 were made on each of their behalf to their local Red Cross chapters and to a local charity of their choice.

FASTSIGNS Cares in 2017 and Beyond

As an ongoing initiative, FASTSIGNS Cares continues to evolve and benefit a wide range of charities and organizations in FASTSIGNS franchisee’s local markets.

“We know that FASTSIGNS franchisees are people who care about people.  We are proud of the ways they serve their local communities and we look forward to expanding this initiative in the years ahead”, said Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc.