Sign and Visual Graphic Solutions for 3 Common Exterior Branding Challenges

by Jayme Nelson

Exterior signs and graphics help you maximize brand awareness and keep you top of mind with the outside world. How does your business or organization stand out? Regardless of your environment or location, you can build awareness by extending your brand to your exterior touchpoints. While every business is unique, here are three common challenges, and some solutions to address each of them:

1) How to Get the Attention of Passing Traffic

Grabbing someone’s attention is not as easy as it used to be; there are so many more distractions today. For a showroom that has multiple windows, install window graphics that help tell the story of your brand’s offerings. In densely populated retail strip centers, place A-frame signs and branded breeze barriers near the walking path to let shoppers know about current specials and upcoming events. If you conduct business offsite and have delivery or service vehicles, make the most of your fleet with brand-friendly vehicle graphics.



2) How to Identify Your Location’s Exterior Space

Exterior signs should be an extension of your brand and marketing message. Even if you have limited physical space, you can find ways to make a lasting impression. Dimensional letters, illuminated signage and large building banners all boost the visibility of your location, even from a distance.  Pole signs and banners or concrete graphics can also be used outside to communicate your company message to the surrounding area.


3) How to Guide Visitors to Your Business Facility


Staying top of mind with both visitors and customers means you need to ensure they can easily get to you once they decide to do so. Monument signs can identify facilities and properties that are set far from the road. Well-placed parking lot and site signs point visitors in the right direction before they even step foot inside your business. Guide them to the proper entrance with helpful outside directory signs and branded awnings.

To enhance business on the inside, expand your business presence to the outside. Exterior building signs and visual graphics help you be seen, day and night, and keep your products and services top of mind.  Temporary or permanent, maximize your outdoor branding with signs and visual graphics that fit your business goals.

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