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Dancing for Joy on the Rooftop

The Challenge: Paint a One-of-a-Kind, Over-Sized Logo to be Used in a Marketing Video.

Coupa Software is a company that really embraces graphic communications - from impactful marketing at trade shows to clear wayfinding systems to interior wall graphics that help foster a harmonious work environment. They were looking for a one-of-a-kind over-sized logo to adorn their entire rooftop.

The Solution: Create a Template to Create the Complex Pattern

“This was a unique request,” said FASTSIGNS®’ Dave Skromme. “When they took me to the top of the building and I first laid eyes on the expanse of roof, I thought ‘Oh, wow! This is going to be big.’”

The FASTSIGNS team determined the best option for this custom outdoor sign would be to paint the logo. The team created a template made with their router using 65 sheets of plywood heavy enough to work on the windy rooftop. It was a strategic challenge to create the complex pattern needed for the multi-colored graphic because within the template, plywood template pieces would need to be assembled and reconfigured as the different colors were laid down.

Just a few months later, Coupa requested FASTSIGNS help announce their Initial Public Offering (IPO). This time, FASTSIGNS installed temporary banners over the building’s edge, hanging alongside their outdoor building signs.

temporary banners

Coupa Software painted logo

Coupa Software painted design

The Result: Unique, Impactful, and Custom Outdoor Signs That Matches Coupa's Brand

FASTSIGNS provided the unique and impactful graphic solution Coupa Software sought. Coupa Software then used the logoed rooftop as the setting for a company video showcasing the upbeat, unusual and successful Coupa Software brand. The larger-than-life rooftop logo jumped off the screen when featured midway through the video as the company’s CEO danced joyously down the rooftop.

*FASTSIGNS of San Mateo, CA is owned by Dave and Linda Skromme.