Germ Prevention Signage

Communicate Your Commitment to Safety

Now more than ever, germ prevention is top of mind for customers and business owners alike. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us all just how quickly and easily a virus can spread first through a country and then across the globe. That’s why it’s crucial that businesses are transparent about their efforts to protect their employees and customers. The best way to do so is with thorough germ prevention signage.

Custom signs and visual graphics can both inform and educate visitors of your property. Whether you want to communicate the importance of washing hands and social distancing or need to explain the requirements of your business, proper signage will help communicate your message smoothly.

Products and services may vary by location. Please reach out to your local FASTSIGNS center for more information.

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As businesses emerge from the pandemic, updated protocols must be clearly communicated to customers. Custom signage strategically placed throughout your property is the best way to educate visitors. Our experienced team can incorporate visual graphics that are in line with your branding and aesthetics.

Our germ prevention signage can show that health is a priority. Check out the products we offer:

We’ll skip the cookie-cutter signage and provide you with creative alternatives that perfectly suit your company.

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At FASTSIGNS, we understand the importance of germ prevention and are proud to offer our customers a variety of signs and posters that can help promote healthy habits. Our hand hygiene posters for healthcare workers remind them of the vital role proper hand washing plays in controlling the spread of germs.

We also have hygiene posters specifically designed for schools, with bright designs and simple messages that will appeal to students while helping reinforce good habits. With both indoor and outdoor options available in various sizes to fit any need, you can trust us to provide effective solutions at an affordable price. Let us help you create a safe environment by displaying these essential reminders today!

FASTSIGNS will create graphics based on your business needs and can incorporate your company colors, logo, and taglines to ensure that your germ prevention signage matches other business signage and graphics. We can help you create COVID-19 hardwashing and hygeen posters. Win the confidence of your customers while standing out and staying true to who you are.

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