Custom Printed Ceiling Tiles

Add a Spark of Excitement to Your Ceilings

The ceiling is the only limit to your imagination! As a colorful option, these types of tiles are mostly seen in offices, business, organizations and medical facilities. But they can be used for a wide variety of other industries that want to incorporate a touch of creativity into a space.

Characteristics of Ceiling Tiles

  1. Beautify and brand a space

Populate your office with color by adding a little personality to your ceiling tiles. Office cubicles can provide a calming glow by the light coming through custom printed ceiling tiles above. Create the ideal environment using an image, design or scene printed on this application.

  1. Advertise a service or product

Custom printed ceiling tiles can be used to advertise anything you can imagine within a business, car dealership, medical office or more.

  1. Easy to install

Ceiling tiles provide a quick transformation above for any space. Create a masterpiece with minimal effort that can be easily swapped out from one employee’s office to another.

  1. Provide a distraction method

We all know that dental offices and other medical facilities can cause angst in people. Why not use custom printed ceiling tiles to distract patients no matter what their visit may entail.

  1. Make learning enjoyable

Use ceiling tiles in a classroom environment to add educational elements to leverage lesson plans such as space, countries, sea life and more.

Custom printing ceiling tiles can be used almost anywhere. What are some common décor uses for them?

  • Patient rooms - create a calm feeling for uncertain patients
  • Preschools to middle schools - engage little minds with a colorful learning space
  • Employee offices - allow employees to show their personality with ceiling tiles
  • Car dealership - advertise various products and services
  • Art organization - recreate favorite artworks for artist inspiration
  • Hair salon - ceiling tiles provide branding for a local business
  • Florist - Surround patrons with flowers all around

Your ceiling is a blank canvas for installing a conversational piece that won’t be soon forgotten!

Products and services may vary by location. Please reach out to your local FASTSIGNS center for more information.

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