Building Signs

Increase Visibility and Awareness of Your Business

Building signs come in many shapes and sizes, channel letters and backlighting. Because it’s not just a good option but essential to communicate with your customers and clients visibly in a bold way, these large format, weather-resistant and durable signs can help you do that.

Here are a few ways building signs work directly FOR your business or organization.

  1. Creates Awareness for All

Building Signs create an ideal first impression for your business or organization and also bring in new customers. Create awareness for prospects and draw passersby near through highly visible signs. For increased awareness, some businesses sometimes install a similar sign on various sides of a building for enhanced branding. As opposed to marketing tactics that must strategically target a demographic, building signs can provide awareness for anyone at any time who might be passing your location. In large cities, this can be thousands of people a day who may have the specific need you can fill.

  1. Helps People Find Your Location

Imagine you’re late for a business meeting and you’ve got to make a wonderful first impression. You’re sweating about being on time and hope that you make it. How much more helpful would it be in that moment to have a building sign that is large enough for you to be able to recognize from afar to guide you exactly where to go. With so many people using virtual map options and visiting places they’ve never been, it is important for your business or organization to be easy-to-navigate, and building signs have the power to do that.

  1. Brands Your Business/Organization

Identity is something we understand in the human world, and it’s no different in the business landscape. Fully branded building signs can give life to your business or organization and also enable you to communicate a more established feeling to newcomers. These custom storefront signs convey feelings of security and permanence to your brand. With your sign being the first thing they see, you can truly start the business relationship off on a good foot. Your high level of professionalism, seen through your building sign, can help them feel you are trustworthy of their time, money and business.

  1. Provides Advertising

Building signs are also a cost-effective way to advertise from your business location and many businesses see a return on investment with prospects coming their way. These types of signs can be seen as an advertising expense that only happens once but gains market share for the life of the sign. In addition, the way that signs work is more natural as they are noticed and available when the eyes come to it, which is very different from a TV ad. With various touchpoints in the marketing and advertising world, your sign can act as another business impression in their mind.

With the help of building signs that are customized with your specific business, brand or organization, you have access to all of the above benefits. Creating a great first impression, wayfinding, branding and providing a creative take on advertising are all line items on the daily “to do” list for a sign. They are also your best employees as they work both day and night on your behalf. Getting people to your business is something that can take a little time. With some careful planning to get the right sign solution in place, you will be well on your way to setting yourself apart from the competition and reaping the rewards that these applications can bring about.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential

By leveraging our years of experience, we can design a custom building sign for your location that will attract potential customers and increase awareness. This high quality sign has the potential to be one of your most effective tools in driving more customers into your business.

At FASTSIGNS, our building signage team will take your ideas and turn them into reality. From coming up with a concept to printing and shipping the final product or helping build your brand through custom solutions- we've got you covered! Trust us for all of your needs when it comes to banners, posters, wall wraps or large format signs; after 50 years in the business we know how to get people's attention and help grow businesses.

Building Sign FAQ

What kinds of Building Signs do you offer?

We have a diverse selection of building signs to choose from. Our range includes energy-efficient LED lit signs, vibrant neon signs, stylish dimensional letters, monument signs, banners, and helpful wayfinding signage, among others. We cater to various preferences and design requirements, ensuring that your building's appearance and functionality are enhanced.

Do you also provide installation services for building & commercial signs?

Yes, our comprehensive service package includes everything from initial design consultation and crafting the signs to their professional installation. Our team ensures that each step is handled meticulously, guaranteeing not only the visual appeal of your commercial  signs but also their secure and proper placement.

Can my business's logo be incorporated into a custom building sign?

Absolutely! We can incorporate your company's logo or any other design elements you'd like in your custom-building sign.

Make a Statement with Custom Building Signage

FASTSIGNS can assist you in creating eye-catching custom building signage to make your business stand out. We cater to a variety of sectors, including medical and educational facilities, public works offices, and small businesses in the retail and food service sectors. With our help, your brand will be prominently displayed, ensuring your message is clear and effective. Our focus is on making your branding not just visible, but also impactful and appealing to your audience.

Choosing FASTSIGNS means setting your business apart from competitors with uniform and effective signs across different locations. We specialize in creating unique graphics, displays, and signage that are customized to fit your specific needs. Our aim is to capture the essence of your services, making sure your business makes a memorable impression on your customers.

Interested in having a customized exterior sign made or revamping your current commercial signs? Contact FASTSIGNS today!

Products and services may vary by location. Please reach out to your local FASTSIGNS center for more information.

Our signs in use

From start to finish, we've got you covered.

At FASTSIGNS, we are more than just signs. We are a strategic partner that helps to increase our customers’ visibility through a comprehensive, creative, and results-based approach. That’s why we offer a variety of graphic and visual solutions as well as services like content development, project management, graphic design, and more.