"quick service and very efficient"
    Shannon O'Brien Houston, TX
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    Don Smith Houston, TX
    "The staff I know La Rae is very accomodating and the products produced are very satisfactory with a fair cost."
    Kathy Godwin Houston, TX
    "Always does the job right!!!"
    Tom Logans Houston, TX
    "I like the simple fact that you can just walk in and walk right back out. Fast easy transactions. Not to mention first name basis with employees. Good family like enviroment."
    Jose Hernandez Houston, TX
    "the quality and the engraving"
    Yolanda Rangel Houston, TX
    "Customer Service! Its Awesome!"
    Robbie Sherman Houston, TX
    "Excellent customer service, reliability, and products."
    Sean Gallagher Houston, TX
    "the products is the best and the nice services perfect I like"
    Carlos Guevara Houston, TX
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