Meet the Staff

  • Linda Fong | Owner

    Linda Fong

    Native Oaklander - founder of our first showroom located in Downtown Oakland since 1995 and our second showroom located in Hayward since 2007. I love seeing our projects all over the Bay Area and being a part of the community where I live, raised my family, work and play!
  • Kyle | Installation Specialist


    Installation Specialist

    Kyle is our lead installer and working on becoming an installation manager to share his knowledge with how to think on your feet while in the field and your environment is varied and is many times different than what was anticipated. Hard to tell with his quiet demeanor, but Kyle has a quick wit and a very dry sense of humor, so don’t be surprised when he throws out a “zinger” that surprises you and makes you literally LOL. In his free time, Kyle is a talented ceramics artist who has taught classes and even has his own turntable and kiln.
  • Christopher | Production Specialist


    Production Specialist

    Christopher is the epitome of a perfectionist inventor with his degree in mechanical engineering, where he is using his skills to constantly fine tune on how to better fabricate and maximize resources. He is the primary Zund cutter/router operator and holds himself and others to a very high standard. When not at work, Christopher enjoys spending time with his cat and gardening.
  • Aaron | Production Specialist


    Production Specialist

    Dedicated and hardworking Aaron lives in the digital printing world. Although he originally joined FASTSIGNS as an account manager he made the switch to the production team where he has found renewed joy for working with his hands. When he is not at work you can either find him on a basketball court, soccer field, or spending time with his family.
  • Zowie | Production | Digital Specialist


    Production / Digital Specialist

    Zowie’s background is in the world of graphic design, and she joined us as a production specialist to learn more about static signage. In her current role, she enjoys spearheading digital signage. Always one of the first to volunteer whether it is in production, installations, or design, she helps in whatever capacity she can. She spends her days geeking out over clean, easy, and intuitive design.
  • Kelly | Production Lead | Special Projects


    Production Lead / Special Projects

    Kelly has extensive experience in production methods having held a general contractors license in his past. He was an experienced screen printer who joined us thinking he would only be with FASTSIGNS for a couple of years, but found out our centers are like the Hotel California. Where you can never leave. Kelly enjoys working on his house (haha) during his free time and is never one to say no to a good cold beer.
  • Shelby | Production Manager


    Production Manager

    Ensuring that jobs run smoothly, I am motivated to hold a positive, hardworking environment. I strive for quality in the work I do. I like to think of myself as someone who is reliable and a team player. During my free time, I love to garden, fish and work on house projects.
  • Nicole | Graphic Designer


    Graphic Designer

    With a background in a variety of industries, Nicole uses her past experiences and B.S. in Communication Design from Cal State Monterey Bay to find the right graphic solutions for clients' needs. Always up for a challenge and learning new techniques, she sees the value of teamwork and the sharing of knowledge for better problem-solving. In her off-time she enjoys art history, gaming, and playing with her cats.
  • Tiffanie | Senior Graphic Designer


    Senior Graphic Designer

    I have been a part of the FASTSIGNS family since 2016, starting off as a Production Specialist and eventually becoming the Senior Graphic Designer. Having graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a degree in Communication Design, I specialize in branding and typography. I handle most of the larger projects and rush orders around here, so you can count on me to come up with a quick and visually appealing solution! In my free time, I like to play on my Nintendo Switch or watch TV shows and movies.
  • Bess | Strategic Implementation Specialist


    Strategic Implementation Specialist

    Bess was our lead designer / gatekeeper up until 2014 when she stepped away to raise her family and rejoined us in 2019 on contract to take on special projects and is our “strategic implementation specialist” - we didn’t know what else to call her. She has been instrumental in all things to do with efficiency and waste reduction in time as well as material. We are glad to have her back. Bess is a mom to an inquisitive mini-her and has her own business as well. Needless to say, she stays very busy.
  • Alex | Inside Sales | Sales Support


    Inside Sales / Sales Support

    I have nearly eight years of customer service experience and have been with FASTSIGNS for two and a half years starting with an admin/sales support role and have learned to provide solutions on the sales side of the company. I enjoy the everyday challenges and custom requests we get. When I'm not working, I'm studying to eventually get a nursing degree.
  • Justin | Senior Account Manager


    Senior Account Manager

    With background in sales and customer service, and several leadership roles, Justin has helped companies improve their visual presence with unique and effective solutions. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, doing CrossFit and getting out on the golf course.
  • Chris | New Business & Sales Support


    New Business & Sales Support

    After 38 years on this indefinitely spiraling rock, Chris finally learned he was the better looking sibling of the two Gaeta Children. Following this discovery he spent 3 years with a traveling Circus in Uzbekistan where he tamed Meerkats and trained them to juggle flaming oranges. He then decided to reside in Oakland with strong determination to scale the Salesforce tower with no safety harness. Welcome to 2020.
  • Kam | Administrative Assistant ​


    Administrative Assistant

    Kam is a Sales Assistant and Admin at FASTSIGNS Oakland. They studied Marketing at San Francisco State University, and have worked as a tutor, lead child development teacher, and lead bank teller prior to FASTSIGNS. Not only are they passionate about providing excellent customer service, but they also love learning and the challenge of developing creative solutions. In their spare time, you can find them looking for new foods to try, dancing, or learning to play the bass guitar.
  • Bennie | Sales Project Manager


    Sales Project Manager

    With just over 19 years of experience in customer service, project management and graphic design, I am equipped with the skills required to help with seamless project management. I love meeting the needs of clients with quirky requests. When I am not managing large projects, I try to brush up with the latest technology in graphic design, animation and draw in my sketchbook.
  • Sara | Inside Sales | Sales Support


    Inside Sales / Sales Support

    Sara, a champion of Customer Service, uses quick thinking and kindness to help customers in both her roles as Office Coordinator and in Inside Sales. She has them coming back for not just signs, but also her can-do attitude and, of course, her fun facts! Sara uses her background at a Fine Art Gallery and as a freelance Illustrator to help customers design their custom signage. You can't have a customer without "custom"!
  • Michelle | New Business Development


    New Business Development

    I fell into this industry over 20 years ago & I could not be happier. I love love textures and interior decor and helping others understand that signs do not have to be boring! Helping others come up with a complete vision is what I love to do. When I am not redecorating my own home, I may be out wine tasting or taking pictures of the neighborhood cats.
  • Marie | Senior Account Manager


    Senior Account Manager

    I have been with FASTSIGNS of Oakland since 2005 and LOVE my job. I graduated from UCSC with a BFA, specializing in Drawing, Painting, and Photography so FASTSIGNS was and is a perfect fit. It is very exciting to work with clients, developing their ideas, and then seeing those projects come to life. I started in production/installs and have worked my way into sales. Every day is different. I work with GREAT people and feel truly blessed. #FastsignsIsFamily #ISeeThemMoreThanMyOwnFamily