How to Prepare Your Business for the Worst While Expecting the Best: Steps to Take and Signs to Place

Author: Jayme Nelson

In light of the growing concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business owners are assessing operations and ways to keep employees safe. While many are finding ways for staff to work remotely, some still require employees to work onsite, especially those within the service and health industries.

While clear and efficient communication is always important, in times of uncertainty it is even more crucial. To best prepare your organization and the people at the heart of it, here is a checklist of signs and graphics that can help.

  • Visual Reminders for Hygiene

Place posters around your office or facility that provide tips for reducing the spread of germs. Put up small signs and decals in restrooms and break rooms reminding employees that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to carefully wash their hands. Use images along with written instructions that show the proper way to do so.

A sign reminds of steps to take to prevent the spread of an infectious disease

  • Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

It is especially important if your business operations have changed to ensure wayfinding signage is in place to direct employees and visitors to the best routes in your building to avoid excess lingering. Mark entrances and exits with clear, compliant signs. Use Braille, bilingual and universal signage elements to help accessibility.

A sign outside of a hospital shows directions for different departments

  • Communicate On-The-Go

Utilize digital communication including digital signs and SMS text messaging programs to keep employees updated with the latest information. Similar opt-in programs can be used for customers to let them know how you are preparing, if hours are affected and how they can stay in touch if needed.

An indoor screen shows a digital sign reminding viewers to wash their hands

  • Focus on Reducing and Conserving

Vendors and suppliers may face challenges in securing supplies readily available before. Hang posters and signs in production areas, supply closets and copy rooms to remind your team to stay mindful of how they use office resources in order to conserve items for a longer time period.

A decal with a smiling face says "No handshakes No hugs Just smiles"

A decal has a red X over a graphic of shaking hands

  • Connect With the Community

Hang banners or place signs on windows and doors that gently remind customers or visitors that you are still in business. Communicate adjusted hours of operation or direct them to online sources for staying in touch with you. Provide employees with name tags or stickers to wear that let any potential customers know they are focusing on maintaining the recommended safe distance.

There are many ways that you can actively prepare your business or organization for threats like the COVID-19 pandemic, should the need arise. Your local FASTSIGNS center is implementing these tips within their business and is available to assist you in doing the same.