Digital Signage

How Can Digital Signage Help Your Business

Author: Cynthia Nutwell

Enhance your in-store promotions with digital signage. Engage customers and prospects with digital signs to entertain, motivate repeat visits, build your brand and make employees more productive. It sounds easy, right?

How Can Digital Signage Help Your Business?It’s not as complicated as it seems. In our book, Signs Sell, a must-read resource for retailers written by Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson in conjunction with FASTSIGNS International, we get a close-up look into the world of digital signage and other visual communications. See the infographic below to illustrate the impact of digital signs on shoppers.

Digital signs drive retail sales and improve customers’ shopping experience

Communicate brand messages in real-time, show the product in use, promote special pricing, provide weather and news updates, and upsell customers by featuring add-on products or services.

Increase return on investment with multiple messages

Digital signs in retail environments can feature multiple messages to target specific demographics at different times of the day. Retailers can include social media feeds from Twitter, Instagram and Flickr to hashtag their promoted content running on digital displays.

63 percent of people report digital signage as eye-catching.

Motion and color command attention in retail stores, and you can have the digital messages displayed on digital kiosks, counter top signs, digital walls or at the point of purchase.

Make employees more productive

Retailers can use visually appealing digital displays in the back of the house to display employee training information and to enhance health and safety in the workplace. Digital messages can include reminders to smile or thank the visitor for coming in or to remind each visitor about next week’s event. Digital signage can be used to provide updates on sales contests or share customer testimonials about outstanding employees.

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*Source: OXT/Seesaw