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Why Custom Visuals Can Bring Business Advantage in Inflationary Times

Donut Bar Storefront Signage

In today’s fast-paced world where inflation is a challenge, your business needs visibility - a way to make your presence fully known and communicate your capabilities to customers and prospects. Getting creative with your surroundings is a small investment in your brand and culture that can offer big returns. Consider the world from the vantage point of Pablo Picasso, who said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” If you’ve ever tried to imagine how to elevate your business, get more recognition, and bring your brand to life, here are five creative ways it can be done through custom signs and visual solutions.

Think Big!

Why play small when it comes to showcasing your brand? Whether turning heads at a hometown football game or grabbing eyeballs from airplane passengers up above, we humans are visual beings, and our brains actually retain info through the use of visuals. By thinking in bolder ways and bigger dimensions, you can Make Your Statement in an unforgettable way.

Use an unconventional canvas

Who would have ever thought that something like a massive silo could be the perfect backdrop to showcase a brand? When Duval Asphalt needed to increase awareness of their brand, they incorporated large-scale graphics on silos that can be seen from far away and high above. One man’s silo is another man’s masterpiece!

Lean into your brand personality

Whether you’re wanting to revamp an existing space or start fresh like the Fresh Monkee Smoothie shop, accentuating your brand personality through custom signs and visual solutions can energize the space for your customers and differentiate from competitors.

“When you walk in, you really get the fun, clean energy and most of that is due to the graphics and everything that FASTSIGNS did,” shared Judy Flynn, Owner and Founder of Fresh Monkee Smoothie Shop.

Create eye candy

Aesthetically pleasing spaces not only have the power to look good but also make us feel better within them, inviting us to enjoy ourselves and stay awhile! Create a visual feast by incorporating wall murals that highlight a message or your brand personality. Inspiring change in people or influencing a purchase decision requires making sure visitors have a positive experience throughout the entire shopping process. Visuals are one of many ways to help energize or calm people within an environment. Additional tools that help compliment visuals include selecting an ideal color palette and incorporating the right type of lighting.

Let your windows do the talkin’

Windows are just one of the many options for displaying your brand to the world, and many businesses and organizations don’t take advantage of these canvases. Whether you need to share leasing information, inspire museum-goers or pump up sports fans, windows offer built-in platform to do that. And windows can even be “Instagrammable” conversation pieces that encourage customers, employees and the community to engage and share your brand in social posts!

“There’s been an increase in unique window film applications that reduce environmental impact and offer a range from complete privacy to subtle embellishment. Frosted window film patterns are increasing in popularity, as well as custom designs made by printing on frosted or optically clear film,” said Brian Boehm, Sr. Director of Supply Chain and Technical Services at Propelled Brands.

Trending materials include self-adhesive transparent fabrics that are environmentally friendly, offering a great alternative to PVC films, providing subtle privacy during the day without blocking all light. There are even smart window options that provide instant privacy with the flip of a switch, and can transform any piece of glass into a display screen, whiteboard, or complete privacy option. Finally, mural-style window graphics are now appearing in environments such as restaurants, retail centers and offices. These are great for short-term promotions as well as abstract, decorative focal points.

A competitive advantage

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, as many as 35% of the people passing by a business each day could become first-time customers based solely on the sign.

Signs and custom visuals are indeed part of your advertising arsenal. During a slow economy, custom visuals can create a competitive advantage. In fact, businesses that have used these tactics during a recession had 256% higher sales than those that did not. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, signage is the least expensive, yet most effective form of advertising available. No other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of on-premise signage and graphics.

Improving your brand presence and visibility is a signal to people that your brand remains vital and strong.