CDE Global Main Entrance Signage

CDE Global

Bringing a Beautifully Imaged Global Office to Life

The Challenge

Arriving in North America for the first time, CDE Global wanted to make a statement with its offices. With no precedent for the new location, they sought the help of FASTSIGNS®, who spent more than a year consulting with the client, providing proofs and offering material samples for each new idea they imagined.

The Solution

Branding of the new space began on the outside, with illuminated dimensional channel letters installed on two sides of the building. A pillar monument sign near the front door directs visitors to reception and delivery bays.

Inside, informational prints and graphics feature the brand’s story. A collage of prints featuring different solutions the company provides covers one wall and on another, a large vinyl graphic explains how the different branches of the company work together to achieve their mission. The conference rooms have etched glass vinyl for branding continuity and privacy.

An interactive map of North America was created out of corkboard, allowing the client to add a pin for each new location as they grow. Each state was individually routed out and the map was painted in the client’s signature shade of blue. An attention-grabbing logo sign was created, with the CDE logo layered on top of a large world map created from over 2,100 meticulously placed quarter-inch acrylic dots.

CDE Global Glass Wrap

CDE Global Wall Signage

CDE Global Wall Signage

CDE Global Wall Signage

The Result

Unwilling to sacrifice the vision they had for their first North American location, CDE Global was elated to find everything they were looking for and more all in one place. The new offices proudly announce the brand and its mission to a new market of customers.