HealthSouth the hub


Improving Wayfinding With Signage for a Rehabilitation Center

The Challenge

FASTSIGNS® of York worked with HealthSouth® to improve wayfinding in a rehabilitation center and to help people safely and efficiently find their way to specific locations within the healthcare facility. HealthSouth’s Director of Marketing Operation wanted to refresh their brand image with a change in signs and décor graphics.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS consulted with HealthSouth on visual ideas to solve wayfinding challenges resulting from the building design. From directing visitors around the different hallways to informing patients where to check in, FASTSIGNS provided signs and wayfinding graphics that reflected HealthSouth’s brand.

FASTSIGNS created a new panel on a large outdoor sign, parking signs to identify specific lots and wayfinding signs for the entire campus. Since two exterior entrance points were not clearly identified, FASTSIGNS added signage for the outpatient entrance and ambulance drop off.

By improving signage, FASTSIGNS clearly marked entrances and exits and gave people a clear sense of direction.

The FASTSIGNS team created directories at hallways intersections using simple arrows and large, easily readable type. These changeable directory signs provided guidance for visitors, patients and staff and feature colorful prints.

“We offered a visual solution to change the directories easily so the facility doesn’t have to rearrange the directory,” FASTSIGNS’ Pam Cook said.

FASTSIGNS provided a large window graphic at the main entrance to welcome people to the rehabilitation center and emphasize awards and accomplishments. FASTSIGNS produced vehicle graphics to take HealthSouth’s brand message on the road and used pole banners to encourage foot traffic into the facility. The dining facility received a visual update and was renamed "The Hub" during the rebranding process. The modern look for the healthcare center also included wall graphics and dimensional signs to brand interior spaces and colorful printed posters to increase awareness about brain injuries.

HealthSouth sign

HealthSouth vehicle

The Result

HealthSouth received branded signs and graphics to identify important areas of the rehabilitation center and direct people around the campus.

“We provided a modern look for the facility and gave HealthSouth confidence that their patients would know where to go without asking for directions and without experiencing any confusion,” FASTSIGNS’ Lindsey Kennard said.

FASTSIGNS helped HealthSouth replace paper signs with durable, custom signs that identify specific areas of the center and safety signs to emphasize the visitor policy.

*FASTSIGNS® of York, Pennsylvania is owned by Jon Toy.