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Are you looking for high-quality, custom signage solutions? FASTSIGNS® of Maumee, OH is your one-stop shop for all types of regulatory signs, safety signs and customized accessible signage. We specialize in providing quality materials, state-of-the art technology and expert design services. Our experienced team can provide you with the best possible solution that’ll meet your needs while staying compliant with ADA regulations and other relevant laws.

With FASTSIGNS® of Maumee, OH, you get reputable service from a local sign company that will create exactly what you need quickly and affordably. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our products are designed to last, are made from strong materials such as steel or wood, resist vandalism or fading due to weathering conditions — plus they look great!

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Understanding ADA and Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs play a vital role in helping your business communicate its policies and safety measures to visitors. At FASTSIGNS® in Maumee, OH, we provide regulatory signs that inform people about the laws, rules, and requirements they need to follow. You'll commonly find these signs in places like stairwells, elevators, fire exits, entryways, and parking lots.

Our team can help you effectively convey these important policies to your customers. These signs are essential in public areas and workplaces, so we ensure they are easily visible and easy to read.

Key ADA Sign Requirements

When creating ADA-compliant signs, here are some important considerations:

  • Ensure a contrast between the background and text colors.

  • Use a sans serif font without added features for ADA-compliant signs.

  • If a sign features a symbol for a permanent space, tactile text descriptors are necessary.

  • Pictograms may include symbols like a wheelchair or gender symbols for restrooms.

  • Braille lettering should be centered below the text, with specific spacing requirements.

  • For tactile signs, the height of the lettering matters.

  • Proper character spacing is essential.

  • All ADA-compliant signs must include both braille letters and raised text for the visually impaired.

  • Correct placement of ADA signs is crucial for accessibility.

Stylish and Compliant ADA Braille Signs

At FASTSIGNS® in Maumee, OH, we offer a wide range of ADA-compliant braille signs that combine style and compliance. Our experienced staff will work with you to design a unique sign that not only looks great but also adheres to safety regulations. With FASTSIGNS® in Maumee, OH, creating stylish yet legally compliant signage is a straightforward process!

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