"The staff is very helpful and friendly. They took the time to figure out exactly how to apply my custom vinyl design to my product."
    Paul Latza
    "Fast cost effective .. You understood our needs"
    Jorylun Nanalo Los Angeles, CA
    "Very unique products and idea. I did send a question over and never received a response though. :("
    Chris Sclafani Studio City, CA
    "I liked the friendly and FAST service, and the willingness to fix anything wrong with the sign for free even though I had given the wrong dimensions. Great customer service!"
    Lisa Casella Los Angeles, CA
    "The staff at the shop was very friendly and helpful. I lke to use a company that is a "neighbor" and I REALLY like it when the staff makes you feel welcomed into the shop."
    Karole Cooney Studio City, CA
    "Great customer Service and fast service!"
    Blanca Viera Valley Village, CA
    "Staff was helpful, knowledgable and patient!"
    Alison Maas Los Angeles, CA
    "Very professional and personable. Products are very good quality. Service is very good and prices are competitive..."
    Susan Brown N. hollywood, CA
    "quick service outstanding product!!"
    Paul Park Studio City, CA
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