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Five Ways Your Business Can Show Support to other Local Businesses and Organizations

Despite the uncertain times that many business owners are facing, remember that we all can “get by with a little help from their friends.” Lifting others up is a great way to strengthen your community while giving yourself something positive to focus on. Here are five ways you might be a

How to Prepare Your Business for the Worst While Expecting the Best: Steps to Take and Signs to Place

In light of the growing concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business owners are assessing operations and ways to keep employees safe. While many are finding ways for staff to work remotely, some still require employees to work onsite, especially those within the service and health ind

Visual Communications and Creative Trends You Should Know for 2020

Today’s marketing world requires content that will stand out in the crowd. Eye-catching visuals and content capture potential customers and help keep interest in your brand. Relevant social media posts, interesting blogs, streaming video and captivating graphics all work together to build enga

How to Extend Your Event Theme Using Unique Applications

At each phase of your event — before, during and after — signs and visual graphics can help build traffic, inform about activities, guide people around, generate excitement, communicate your message and extend the theme of the event. Below are some of the challenges that you might face

How Directories are the Heart of a Better Experience at Big Events

Planning an event involves many moving pieces. Like the human body that is an intricate makeup of various cells and signals, sign directories are like the heart of an event. They are the powerhouses when it comes to housing the information needed for your event communication strategy. A component of

How 3 Businesses Launched with Brilliant Signs and Graphics

Countless hours of time and sweat equity go into preparing a new product or service. When the time finally comes for the unveiling, make sure the signs and graphics that represent your product or service are just as attention-worthy. Let’s take a look at three examples of small businesses that

How to Launch a New Product or Service by Providing a Visual Experience

Countless hours of research, development, meetings, and pitches have occurred. You and your team have worked diligently to create a new product, service or event and the launch is fast approaching. You strategize about how to do the unveiling, how to integrate custom visual graphics that are unique

5 Simple, Effective Ways to Promote a Product Inside Your Location

In a culture where online shopping and instant gratification comes in the form of one-click purchasing and overnight shipping, how can your brick and mortar business stand out? Cut through the “noise” with signs and graphics that attract, inform and influence. Take a look at five simple,

2020 Pantone Color & Pantone Colors of the Decades

The PANTONE® Color of the Year is so much more than a swatch. It inspires trends from interior design to sneakers, influences branding in every industry and captures the emotional tone of the year for posterity. Pantone’s color chart provides color codes to ensure accurate and consistent c

How to Build a Stronger and more Connected Community using Signs and Visual Graphics

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” Helen Keller once said. Communities are built and strengthened by its members and residents, and those members are linked by the experiences they share. Whether participating in the simple day-to-day routine of the community or wo

Make Your Business More Convenient to Visitors, Customers and Guests Using Visual Communications

From smartphones to GPS mapping systems, self-checkouts to online shopping, there is a simplicity and convenience of life in 2019. Much like our technology has adapted for the changing times, signs and visual graphics have followed suit. Here are just a few ways that signs have adapted to add a laye

Tips for Keeping Your Workflow Organized and Efficient Through Signs and Graphics

Creating an organized and efficient workflow is key to helping employees be productive while feeling happy and safe. Using signs and visual graphics to improve workflow can enhance collaboration, save time and extraneous labor, reduce mistakes and injuries, and, ultimately, keep team members more co

Employ Signs and Visual Graphics to Work for You

Everyone knows the strength of a great duo. Duos take action and band together for successful outcomes. In the same way, branded signs and visual graphics enable you to improve the customer’s experience and communicate a consistent message. Here are a few ways to use the power of signs and vis

Empowering the Next Generation of Sign Manufacturers on Sign Manufacturing Day 2019

FASTSIGNS International, Inc., a leading sign and visual communications franchisor, is an official endorser of Sign Manufacturing Day 2019. With over 700 independently owned and operated locations in nine countries that manufacture signs and visual graphics every day, FASTSIGNS joins organizations

How to Keep Employees Informed and Motivated with Signs and Graphics

Employees are often an organization’s most important assets. Making sure they have information about everything from the products and services you sell to the location of your next corporate event helps them stay informed and engaged. Engaged employees contribute to the overall success of you

How One Healthcare Company Extended Branding and Improved Wayfinding

When Physicians East had a new building added on their campus, they needed it to match the exterior look and branding of their existing medical office building—all while having a modern look inside. Since many of the specialty locations were shuffled around, new wayfinding signage was a priori

6 Things Your Compliant Wayfinding Signs and Graphics Should Accomplish

Guiding people around and through your building or campus quickly and safely is the main job of wayfinding signs and graphics, but the job isn’t complete if your signage is not fully compliant. Wondering what compliance actually looks like? Here are some things to “guide” you on y

Rebranding 101: 3 Ways to Effectively Rebrand Your Business

Having a strong brand begins with knowing who you are and what you have to offer, and it’s important to have both a consistent look and a consistent message to help people identify and recognize your brand. Here are a few companies that FASTSIGNS has helped brand in order to promote and sell

How Signs Can Communicate Important Messages After Devastating Storms and Hurricanes

A community never knows when a natural disaster or weather-related event such as a major, damaging storm or hurricane will impact their area. Clear communication is needed before the event to protect people and after the event to let people know where to go to find resources, help with recovery and

How to Blend Wayfinding Signs and Graphics with Your Building Decor

When visitors, patients or customers arrive at your location, signs and graphics help them identify where they are and how to get where they want to go. Integrating wayfinding with decor elements ensures that people are not only guided around your facility or campus, but are also receiving a consist

How to Make the Most of a Pop-Up Event

Hosting a pop-up event is a unique way for brands to attract attention, generate excitement, build awareness and give people an experience to remember. Whether part of a product promotion or an experiential marketing campaign, these trending events help companies make a splash in the community. A ke

How 3 Different Schools Are Using Signs and Graphics to Provide a Better Student Experience

Back to school time is already in full swing for many, with Summer winding down. A time of excitement and nerves for many, going back to school means the opportunity for an education and gaining knowledge. Students spend countless hours within the walls of the schools and facilities where they l

8 Things Event Attendees Should Never Say If Your Signs and Visual Graphics Improve Crowd Control and Enhance Safety

There are so many things to consider when hosting an event. You want your event to be a success, and that means having people participate in and get around it without having issues. Two topics that are important to consider are the need for crowd control and safety. Here are eight things that you sh

Ways to Get Your Message Out on a Grand Opening Sign (and Beyond)

Regardless of your industry or type of business, your grand opening signs make one of your first impressions with the public. To make the most of your grand opening, here are some ideas to inspire you: 1. Signs at Your New Business Location Make an Impact and Draw Customers in with Exterior Signs

7 Ways to Bring More Awareness to your Sponsors

Sponsors always welcome more awareness for their message and brand. By using the right signs and visual graphics, you can give them the recognition they deserve. From galas and sporting events to trade shows and conferences, sponsorships connect the community by helping increase awareness, communic

Sign Spotting: Road Trip Signs

Ask anyone, and they will probably tell you there are two important aspects to a road trip; your destination, games you might play and the playlist you listen to while getting there. If you are going to stop and eat or visit a new attraction along the way, you’re likely to pick from the option

How to Promote a Product or Service Around Your Community

Communities are unique areas where people live, work and conduct business. How do you reach people away from your location and promote your products or services? Here are a few ways you can help you get the message out: 1. With Vehicle Graphics Vehicle graphics can move your message around town an

Famous Signs from Around the World

The world’s most iconic signs can be found on postcards, t-shirts, popular vacation photos and all over social media. Whether the sign was made famous by the location, what it represents or by its pop culture significance, these one-of-a-kind signs are continually photographed and shared. Peop

Flaunt What You’ve Got by Promoting Your Message Outside Of Your Location

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” said Will Rogers. If people don’t like what they see or experience on the outside, they may never set foot inside or consider doing business with you. Here are a few ways to promote a product or service outside of your loc

Father's Day 2019: FASTSIGNS Franchisees Share Why They Love the Family Business Model

Working together in a family business provides a great way to create shared experiences, take advantage of different skill sets and build wealth together for future generations. In honor of Father’s Day 2019, FASTSIGNS International, Inc. is highlighting some of the many father and adult &ldqu

3 Ideas for Creating Interactive Brand Experiences

An interactive brand experience provides the opportunity to create a more memorable impression with a customer, patient or prospect; it goes beyond marketing and allows the opportunity for a deeper experience with your brand, its mission or services. Your signs and visual graphics play an important

A Day in the Life of FASTSIGNS®: Multi-Unit Owner Mark Glenn

After working at FASTSIGNS International, Inc., for the corporate office for 15 years, Mark Glenn first took ownership of FASTSIGNS® of Carrollton, Texas, along with his wife Shawn, in 2011. In their first three years the Carrollton center’s sales volume tripled. Today, Mark and Shawn own

Creating Signs for an Aging Generation That Is On The Go

Creating signs and visual graphics for an aging generation should not be restricted to retirement homes and medical facilities. With improvements in healthcare and technology, this active generation is continuing to participate in all facets of daily life, and they have the time and financial means

A Recipe for Success: How to Place an Order for the Best Restaurant Signs and Graphics

Providing quality food and service creates invaluable word-of-mouth marketing, but when potential patrons arrive, are your restaurant signs appealing? The signs and visual graphics both outside and inside of your establishment can impact the overall customer experience. Here are some tips for incorp

Letters of Thanks During National Military Appreciation Month

At FASTSIGNS®, our franchisees try to make a difference in the military community whenever possible. During National Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to share how one franchisee recently took time to give back in his local community. Todd Taylor, franchisee at FASTSIGNS of Missoula, rece

How Personalized Signs and Graphics Can Enhance Wedding Planning

A wedding is a joyous event, with family and friends helping to celebrate a special day. A lot is invested in this day - both emotionally and financially - and making it a personal, memorable and smoothly run event is up to the professional wedding planner. Here are some ways to help the happy coup

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