Meet the Staff

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    Andy Anderson

    Andy has over 20 years of management experience and customer service experience. Andy’s sales skills, management skills, strong work ethic, and emphasis on customer satisfaction, all contribute to the success of his business. He is now “YOUR” Owner/Operator at FASTSIGNS Rochester, MN, and he is dedicated to taking care of everyone and making all his customers 100% happy.
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    Graphic Designer
    After graduating with his BFA in Graphic Design from Shawnee State University,Isaac started into the work force as a designer and photographer at a smallportrait studio. He quickly gained experience and moved on to a career withFASTSIGNS in Fairfield, OH. where he learned the signage industry. He has workedon a variety of projects, from small start ups, to large corporations. Hisexceptional portfolio showcases his range of computer technique to hands ontechnical skill. Today, he is “YOUR” Graphic Designer at FASTSIGNS, Rochester.Isaac enjoys the outdoors such as walking his dog, rock climbing, hiking, andwinter sports.