Modular Signage Systems

Modulex® Wayfinding Signs

Founded by the LEGO company in 1963, Modulex® developed from architectural modeling tools into a global and environmental wayfinding design and signage system. Great for interior or exterior use, Modulex® products are versatile and can be utilized anywhere from airports to downtown corporate to hospitals without losing refinement, professionalism, and durability. Each system has the flexibility to maintain brand management and identity, and complies with the current ADA and ISO 9901 standards.

As an authorized Modulex® reseller, FASTSIGNS of DTC, CO can stand by our motto of being more than fast and more than signs.

Interior Sign Systems

fastsigns modulex pacific interior

Pacific Interior

With a sleek, modern, and curved structure, the Pacific Interior sign system looks great in most environments with inviting signage. The panels are interchangeable to modify and are completely modular. Along with its exterior counterpart, the Pacific molds a cohesive aesthetic for both indoor and out.

fastsigns modulex messenger interior

Messenger Interior

Heat painted and worded in applied cut vinyl, the complete modularity of the Messenger Interior system (and its exterior counterpart) are made for limitless applications from tables to monoliths. Even though this set has a standard of fifty signs, customized set sizes can be completed with custom colors and an option for raised logos, text, and/or braille.

fastsigns modulex infinity classic and rall

Infinity Classic and Rall

Want a signage system that lets you be free with design and personalization? The Infinity Classic is great for producing complex projects that are highly modular and adaptable. This classic Modulex® system offers flexibility in graphics and the print on panel technology and direct digital print system opens up possibilities for endless creations.

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fastsigns modulex infinity basic blazon and ellipsis

Infinity Basic, Blazon, and Ellipsis

The Infinity Basic system allows you to have a basic set of signs that are cost efficient without sacrificing design. Along with this set, Modulex® also developed more Infinity shapes like the Blazon and Ellipses to maintain that creative freedom with more shape options. The Ellipsis is also an eclectic system of wall, suspended, projected and door signs.


Macer Interior

The basis of the Macer Interior system is to be innovative, slim, and elegant, but maintain functionality and modularity. The design of this system is relied upon simple elements: extruded aluminum, glass, Ethronite, or acrylic panel and an inconspicuous upper support. All of this is locked in with Paperflex.



Great for hotels and conference centers, the Ocean is perfect for signs that need updating and change frequently. The system can be utilized anywhere from notice boards to pricing signs. Ocean also includes moveable table stands, floor stands and projecting units for holding Ocean signs.



Designed as a curved Paperflex system, the Panorama is made for quick change and easy updating. Great for hotels and front desk areas, this sign system features a Microsoft Word template to create your own custom and personalized graphics with easy usage and print options. Available in A3, A4, and door sign formats.

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Exterior Sign Systems


Pacific Exterior

Looking for a modern, clean, and streamlined style? Pacific Exterior combines form and functionality with combining minimalism and a large text field with several mounting options.The panels are curved and made from aluminum or galvanized steel and is also part of a dual (interior and exterior) system.


Messenger Exterior

Great for outdoor public settings, the Messenger system comes in a wide range of formats from wall signs to suspended to post-based hanging. Also featuring Paperflex for self-updating and printing document that can be enclosed by an acrylic plate. Hidden lock and hanging systems prevent sign theft.



Flexibility combined with versatility make up the Compass exterior sign system. First introduced thirty years ago, this architectural post and signage system meets the highest of standards in quality and functionality. Compass gives you the creative freedom to come up with countless solutions and productions to suit your individualistic business needs.


Macer Exterior

Simplicity and leanness are the core definitions of the Macer Exterior sign system. With its singular post system and ability to be internally illuminated, the exterior half of the Macer set is perfect for easily navigateable directional signage. Not only does the system allow you to create any shape or graphic content, combining it with its interior counterpart achieves overall consistency.

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