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For decades Modulex has delivered a wide selection of highly recognized interior sign systems. FASTSIGNS of DTC, CO brings the Modulex system to you, based on modularity the systems provide you with a dynamic and versatile design opportunity. FASTSIGNS of DTC provides a consultation service and through that service, we can identify the interior signage solutions that deliver the custom specifications you require.         


Macer is the Latin word for lean. Macer is based on a simple and light design where the panel has only been secured at the bottom. This creates maximum freedom for panel shapes and material. The basis of the Macer Interior system is to be innovative, slim, and elegant, but maintain functionality and modularity. The design of this system is relied upon simple elements: extruded aluminum, glass, Ethronite, or acrylic panel and an inconspicuous upper support. All of this is locked in with Paperflex.


The Messenger interior signage gives you a complete signage system that complements most environments. The Messenger offers a wide variety of size ranges. Heat painted and worded in applied cut vinyl, the complete modularity of the Messenger Interior system (and its exterior counterpart) are made for limitless applications from tables to monoliths. Even though this set has a standard of fifty signs, customized set sizes can be completed with custom colors and an option for raised logos, text, and/or braille.

modulex interior pacific

With a sleek, modern, and curved structure, the Pacific Interior sign system looks great in most environments with inviting signage. The panels are interchangeable to modify and are completely modular. Along with its exterior counterpart, the Pacific molds a cohesive aesthetic for both indoor and out.

modulex interior infinity

The Infinity Basic system allows you to have a basic set of signs that are cost efficient without sacrificing design. Along with this set, Modulex® also developed more Infinity shapes like the Blazon and Ellipses to maintain that creative freedom with more shape options. The Ellipsis is also an eclectic system of wall, suspended, projected and door signs.     


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